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Jerry Cornelius in Australia in 1629?

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    Jerry Cornelius in Australia in 1629?

    Mr. Moorcock (if you read this) I'd be most interested in your observations...or Jerry Cornelius fans if you want to respond...By pure chance I came across this in Bill Bryson's book In a Sunburned Country, which I believe to be factual...In June, 1629 (yes, 1629), a Dutch sailor/explorer named Captain Francisco Pelsaert, ran his vessel the Batavia aground, in the Abrolhos Islands off Australia's west coast. The survivors made it to a sandbar with a few salvaged provisions, and one of them was a religious fanatic named Jeronimus Cornelisz.[/i]
  • DeeCrowSeer
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    • Feb 2004
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    Just ran a quick search, and came across this:

    " Review
    If you happen to pass Houtman's Abrolhos, the tiny uninhabited archipelago just off Australia's west coast, you'll find out why it's known as Batavia's Graveyard . For there amid the brightly coloured coral, you can still see the sun-bleached bones of the victims of one of the worst civilian maritime massacres. It's not often that the evidence speaks so clearly and yet it's a racing certainty almost no one in Britain had ever heard of the Batavia. As ever when no Brits are involved, we just aren't that interested. But this could all change with Batavia's Graveyard. Mike Dash had a surprise bestseller in 1999 with Tulipomania, the story of the fascination with the tulip in seventeenth century Holland, and Batavia's Graveyard is another slice of Dutch history from the same period.

    In 1628, the Batavia , the newest ship in the Dutch East India Company's fleet set sail on its maiden voyage to Java, with its hold crammed full with gold, silver and precious stones. Also on board was a man called Jeronimus Cornelisz, a member of the extreme Protestant sect, the Mennonites, and a dangerous psychotic with it. Cornelisz orchestrated a mutiny on board, but before his plans could be carried out the boat came to grief on Houtman's Abrolhos. And there the fun and games started. The Batavia's captain, Francisco Pelsaert, having got wind of the mutiny, headed off to get help in the only open boat, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves. Which is where Cornelisz steps in; realising that if he wants to remain undiscovered he will need to first kill all the survivors who weren't part of the mutiny before taking out the rescue party on its arrival, he splits the survivors into two groups. The strongest are sent to live on a nearby atoll where Cornelisz anticipates they will starve to death. Then the killing begins. The denouement, when it comes, is too perfectly timed even for Hollywood. It may be X-rated, but this really is the sort of story you just couldn't make up.--John Crace"

    8O Crikey!

    There's also some info at:

    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


    • Michael Moorcock
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      • Dec 2003
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      I remember this now. Heard a BBC programme about it.
      There are so many real Corneliuses turn up, over the years, that I think I've lost contact with reality... :)

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      • PurpleGiacomo
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        • Jul 2004
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        So Mr.Moorcock there is absolutely no chance that everything you have written is true?


        • Jules
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          • Jan 2004
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          I remember hearing that on Radio 4 too (might have posted something about it on the old Multiverse). It amused me, in much the same way as when I went to visit my Mother-in-Law in hospital (she's OK now), a Father Beesley came to visit her.

          I presume Mitzi must have been hanging around the vending machines.


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            On the subject of Cornelius:

            I'm only just starting The English Assassin, going through the quartet omnibus, and I've had a dream concerning him!

            Our hero tours America (or Amerika even) with a machine similar to that in A Cure For Cancer. This machine however, only shows images and sounds from the "shifter", it doesn't actually take you anywhere physically.

            Jerry is travelling about holding demonstrations, essentially downloading threads of the Eternal Champion saga (Elric, Corum, End of Time; just one or two sagas at a time within the space of minutes) into people's heads.

            Well anyway, word gets round and it becomes the latest thing! People of great status and wealth come from all over to see! This is the craziest thing: Nick Latchey and Jessica Simpson off that show Newlyweds (who had made a television appearance earlier that night, so that explains their presence) were two faces I specifically remember being present!!!

            At any rate, these sagas affect these superficial people in profound ways, inciting pacifist, immaterial revolution and terrorist action alike! Soon Jerry is on the run from the feds!

            I'm fleshing out the story for a possible DGB thread, and I normally toy with an idea for a long time before committing anything to paper.

            Talk about weird...