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Dude - Where did Ilian come from?

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  • Dude - Where did Ilian come from?

    When I was a teenage girl I was enthralled by a rendering of Ilian of Garathorm by Rodney Matthews. I thought she embodied the perfect beautiful woman. I never knew where the picture came from - it only had a small note on the bottom with her name.

    I read Elric's Saga a few years later and was drawn into the laws of chaos and order.....but had no idea that there were other stories. It was an awesome story.....fabulously told and flawlessly written.

    I was describing the picture the other day to a friend - and went on line to try to find it - and found that she is your creation - and not only that but another manifestation of the 'eternal champion'.....something I've always personally called myself to those close to me.....I was a bit blown away in a cosmic sort of way.

    I know from the little I've read so far (yes, the books are on the way) that Ilian is a woman's body taken over by the soul of a man.....but I want to know what you were thinking when you wrote her. She has always been a model of a true woman to me.

    Sorry if I'm interjecting in the midst of a really great conversation - but I just have to know.

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    quick smart aleck responce... Garathorm!

    Enjoy the books!!!!

    oh yeah! Welcome to
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      To elaborate on Vazkar's smart arse response (which I am very upset by, mostly coz he got in before I could). Book is "The Champion of Garathorm" in the second "Hawkmoon" (I believe normaly colected in "Count Brass").


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        CarlyR -- Ilian is based on an old lady friend of mine. Glad she came across as real. But Rodney's model, of course, wouldn't be mine!

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          I love the Ilian of Garathorn story even though the begining is a little odd.
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