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Ornithoper [& masks in Hawkmoon]

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    I liked the idea that each section as like a cult of their own which pledged themselves to the whole cause. The mask idea seemed sooo demonic and offensive. I loved it. This is one of the main reasons I was drawn soooo close to the Runestaff sage. Would you be willing to write more on the adventures of Oladahn or others who were akin to the eternal Champions?

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Long time ago. The ornithopter came from a toy I'd bought my children (they actually only work practically at a certain power/weight ratio!)
    but the masks were conceived as something a very secretive people (a sort of extension of the way the British were in those days -- not so much secretive as not given to showing their feelings much ) might choose to wear. The inspiration also came from the guilds of the middle ages, from masonic lodges and I suppose from the idea of private languages -- invented languages -- which kids like to invent -- what you might call, ahem, pig Latin.... ?

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  • Krieghetzer
    started a topic Ornithoper [& masks in Hawkmoon]

    Ornithoper [& masks in Hawkmoon]

    I was just wondering the inspiration behind the idea as well as the maskes of all the animals which every member spoke in a language similar to that animal... I though it was briliant.