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Runestaff Boxed Sets

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  • Runestaff Boxed Sets

    Dept. of Setting The Record Straight (i.e. another dull and obsessional archivist-type question):

    I now have two History Of The Runestaff boxed sets.

    One is a set of Mayflower 1974 paperback reprints with the Black Rectangle box design. ISBN 583 12304 X.

    The other is a set of 1977 reprints, Mayflower or Mayflower/Granada editions, Blue Circle box design. ISBN 0 583 12944 7.

    I’ve put scans of the Blue Circle set up here (the other one already has a scan):

    [link expired]

    Can anyone confirm if these are the dates of the publication of the boxed sets (74, 77) ?

    I can’t find either one on the British Library web site.

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    Guy -

    Do the individual books in each boxed sets have ISBNs?

    COPAC shows only:
    • The Mad God's Amulet: Mayflower, 1975, no ISBN
      The Runestaff: Mayflower, 1975, 0583114997

    Can't see any entries for any 1977 publications: I guess they might just be considered reprints... ?

    However, I was amused by the description for the 1979 Hart-Davis MacGibbon omnibus:

    Contents: The jewel in the skull - The mad dogs amulet - The sword of the dawn - The Runestaff


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      Found one of the second boxed sets for sale, confirming the 1977 publication.


      Sadly, no trace of the first... unless...



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        Hawkeye on Hawkwind -- -- lists a Mayflower boxed set with a 1973 publication date.

        Sorry I can't help further...



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          Dear all,

          Okay, here we go again with another little bit of boring bibliographical stuff...

          The first '...Runestaff' box set was definitely 1973, I.S.B.N. 583-12304-X, آ£1آ·20. It comprised four 1973 reprints ('Jewel...' being a second '73 r/p).

          'The Jewel In The Skull': I.S.B.N. 583-11368-0, 30p
          'The Mad God's Amulet': I.S.B.N. 583-11385-0, 30p
          'The Sword Of The Dawn': I.S.B.N. 583-11434-2, 30p
          'The Runestaff': I.S.B.N. 583-11499-7, 30p.

          Note the nine-digit I.S.B.N. s in those early days of such coding...




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            Originally posted by JohnDavey
            Note the nine-digit I.S.B.N. s in those early days of such coding...
            ... which, I think, would have been just an SBN then, before the coding was internationalized. (The first digit in 10-digit ISBNs for UK books indicates the language/territory grouping, which includes UK, USA, Oz, NZ, etc.)

            Yours pedantically,


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              Well well… another copy of the Blue Circle Box has just hoved into view, and in this one the books are all 1980 reprints, all priced at 95p. This means they all have white Granada spines. The box actually contains a uniform set and arguably looks better for it.

              The 1980 ISBNs are the same as John noted, except with the addition of 0 in front (thanks for explaining that, Ant).

              Grateful for that info about the 1973 date, John.

              As I have noted before, former owners could of course change books around in the boxes. But, if my boxes are unsullied by such tactics, they may have had quite a few reprints themselves, if the Blue Circle box was really issued with 1980 books as well as 1977.

              And the Black Rectangle version probably had at least 2 printings, 1973 and my own from 1974.

              Any other sightings?