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Warrior in Jet and Gold/ Knight in Black and Yellow-spoilers

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  • Warrior in Jet and Gold/ Knight in Black and Yellow-spoilers

    Unbridled spoilers lurk below, so don't read if you have yet to read: All the Hawkmoon books, and "Dragon in the Sword"

    Having read some of the debate elsewhere on this board: was I the only person to immediately assume that the Warrior in Jet and Gold and the Knight in Black and Yellow were the same person, not in an "aspects of the same being" type way, but just in a "describe the colours everso slightly differently" type way.

    That is: Jet= Black
    Gold= yellow (ish, admittedly).

    I always assumed that the difference was due to

    a) all the colour in the Hawkmoon books seem to relate to either jewels, other stones or metals (brass, ruby, jet, sapphire, crystal etc), hence giving it that lovely baroque feel that we all know and gets me all over-excited.

    b) John Daker's dream sequences always seem to be intentionally two dimensional, even to the point of having speech reported in italics and following a dash, rather than in the normal quotation marks, giving it that dreamy, unreal aspect. It seemed to me normal, therefore, that even colours should seem flattened and unreal as well as the voices.

    Admittedly the Knight in Black and Yellow's other identity was a surprise to me. But then, I'd only read Stormbringer once at that point, and it wasn't my favourite at that point in time. (Foolish me. What happens over the course of that book regularly informs my favourite nightmares these days)/

    Did anyone else jump to this conclusion?



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    Wow! I never caught that. Nice easter egg. I feel that you may be right.
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      I thought so too, for a long time, until Sepiriz turns out to be one of them (can't remember which one though). Now in The Quest for Tanelorn (I think) Hawkmoon and Jhary meet a bunch of the great and the good which includes The Warrior in Jet and Gold and Sepiriz around a camp fire. This meeting now leads me to think that the Warrior and the Knight are separate people. Two versions of Sepiriz could have been at the meeting but why would he go twice?
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        Is that an official NERF to his idea or just a possible consideration? 8O

        Maybe there's a bunch of Nihranians in an office somewhere, waiting for the phone to ring and the secretary to shout "OY! One Warrior in Black and Gold needed in the Young Kingdoms! PRONTO!!! Hey, Sepiriz, get your feet in gear!!!" :lol:

        How different would the saga have been if Sepiriz was in the john at the time and Morton had filled in for him? :P


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          iuno, i had just assumed they were one and the same anyway :P