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Flame Lances and Granbretan

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  • Krimson
    Thank you both. My memory isn't as good as it used to be, which of course can be a boon to reading because even a book I've read before always has something new.

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  • Governor of Rowe Island
    Here are all of Mike's descriptions of flame-lances from the Hawkmoon books, Krimson. *

    The Jewel in the Skull, Book Two, Chapter 6. The Battle of the Kamarg
    ...the flame-lancers brought their long, unwieldy weapons up, their
    ruby coils already beginning to glow in readiness. The disad-
    vantages of the flame-lance were that it could not be operated
    instantly and it often grew too hot to handle...

    The Mad God's Amulet, Book Two, Chapter 10. The Fall of the Kamarg
    ...he touched a stud, and a beam of intense heat
    sprang from the muzzle...

    Count Brass, Book Two, Chapter One. A Speaking Pyramid
    Hawkmoon slipped a flame-lance into his hand and
    felt for the stud which, when pressed, would discharge
    ruby fire.
    & his anger, he pressed the stud of the flame-lance and the
    red fire leapt out from the ruby tip...
    The Champion of Garathorm, Book Two Chapter 5.The Raid on Virinthorm
    ...then she went back to unscrew the tips of the few remaining flame-lances...
    The activation stud is also refered to as being jewelled in TCoG.


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  • Michael Moorcock
    I guess they were just a development of the blaster or ray-gun! And I wouldn't be surprised if I hadn't pinched the idea from Leigh Bracket...

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  • Krimson
    started a topic Flame Lances and Granbretan

    Flame Lances and Granbretan

    Hi there Mike,

    My question is when you came up with the Flame Lances for Granbretan, what did you imagine they looked like and how would you describe how they work? Of course, if this question has been answered before (truth be told, I am not the most observant, being only a bagel loving cat head), I would welcome an answer or point towards the relevant link from anyone.

    Thank you kindly, good Sir.