In a bid to make the Q&A forum a little less intimidating, we're creating Archive sub-forums in Q&A that will contain threads on a common subject. This first one consists of Elric-related posts, although not one concerning the proposed Elric movie. They will have their own Archive sub-forum (though whether in Q&A or the Elric Movie forum hasn;t been decided yet.)

Q&A Archive: Elric of Melniboné

The purpose of these Archives is not to ghettoise or segregate NEW posts on the subject from the main Q&A forum, but rather to encourage people to explore older posts that may be of interest to them without having to wade through 50-odd pages of assorted subjects, topics, or questions.

That said, we encourage you to feel free to 'resurrect' any old threads in the Archives but would ask you refrain from starting NEW threads in them. Any new threads that are started inadvertently will be moved to the main Q&A forum by the moderators.

Future Q&A Archives will be dedicated to Jerry Cornelius, Hawkmoon, Corum and John Daker/Erekose. Other suggestions for possible future Archives may be made as well.