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Old Cover Art by M. Whelan

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  • VonWeiner

    Sorry to reply to my own post everyone, but I just noticed that you can by a few originals on Whelan's site.

    Pricey, but very kool. He has a Vanishing tower painting (I think it was used for a book - Michael will correct me if I am wrong) - $35,000.00.

    He also has the original painting he did for Piers Anthony's On a Pale Horse - very nice. I think it was $15,000.00.

    Go to "Purchase Information" to see them.

    And no I am not Michael Whelan... :roll:

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  • VonWeiner
    started a topic Old Cover Art by M. Whelan

    Old Cover Art by M. Whelan

    First off, was it Whelan who did the all the art work?

    Why the switch to new? Publisher's wishes or yours (Michael)? Not that I've got a problem with the new designs (I am talking about the six books - Elric of Melnibone, Sailor on the Seas of Fate, Weird of the White Wolf... you know the rest).

    I loved the "original" cover art. I say original not knowing if there were previous versions with different artwork, so forgive my ignorance. I searched around and found copies with the old art work on them so would have them. So now I have the six books in several incarnations, so to speak.

    Just curious

    He has a nice site where you can check out alot of his work.