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Any chance of a return to earlier days?

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  • ghost
    Ray Park(s?) played Darth Maul, as well as Toad in X-Men and the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow. I would have to agree that he could make a good Moonglum.

    Has anyone seen the Time Machine? When I saw Jeremey Irons as the elader of the Morlocks, he reminded me of a certain albino Eternal Champion

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  • VonWeiner
    How 'bout Jet Li for moonglum?

    or the guy who played Darth Maul?

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  • Nizam
    Geoffrey Rush?! Who on earth suggested him. He is a great actor but isn't he just a little bit too old - maybe he could play Elric's Father.

    Geoffrey Rush - sheer madness if there ever was such a thing. I also didn't like the looks of the other actors. Why not put some unknown Arab, Bollywood or Chinese actor in the role - it would make a little more sense. I'm sure somewhere in the series it is suggested Moonglum is of Eastern origin and a suggestion that he doesn't look like your typical Purple Townsman.

    My reaction is probably harsh but I think necessary.

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Elric experiences the whole of Skrayling Tree while dreaming a Thousand Year Dream while hanging in the rigging of Jagreen Lern's ship during the action of Stormbringer. I thought I'd explained it -- he's experiencing a long dream in which he can easily live or die, kill and be killed. This refers to the dreams he wakes from screaming in some of the other books. These long dreams, mostly experienced on the dream couches of Melnibone, are detailed more thoroughly in the upcoming Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer in the DC graphic novels starting in September. These, too, are closer to the earlier adventures in the Young Kingdoms, though actually mostly set before the rise of the Young Kingdoms. In fact the last story in that sequence deals with the fall of the Old Kingdoms and the rise of the Young Kingdoms! It's just possible, if I have time, that I could continue to write some stories in this format which would be closer to the earlier stories.

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  • dlackey
    I think Mr. M. has stated in the Q&A before that White Wolf's Son will be his last heroic fantasy, although he did state once that he had an idea for more books involving Elric's children.

    Regarding Dreamthief's Daughter, my own opinion is that it fits best after the Vanishing Tower, but perhaps before Revenge of the Rose. I'm sure Mr. M. can correct me on that. But I really think you should read the entire Elric saga and the Blood trilogy first, or you will miss a lot of more subtle references in the book.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Any chance of a return to earlier days?

    Any chance of a return to earlier days?

    Michael, will you ever consider returning to the original universes of your Heroes. For example, will you ever write another Elric tale in The young Kingdoms. I expect you are asked this question rather frequently, but still I would love an Eternal Champion tale without the mind-bending complexity of the Multiverse. not that i am not in absolute admiration and awe of these books, and not to say I don not find them wonderful and fascinating, but still it would be nice to read an earlier escapade of Hawkmoon's or Corum's or Bastable.
    Incidentally, are you planning to introduce a further aspect of The Champion Eternal, which would, I am sure ensnare new readers as well as stimulating your older stalwarts.
    I am looking forward with something akin to desperation to the Elric film, on the same subject, might'nt Richard E. Grant or Alan Rickman, even Johnny Depp be an idea for Elric. I would also suggest Robert Carlyle as Moonglum.

    P.S: Could I also enquire, where does The Dreamthief's Daughter fit in to the chronological events of the series. I mean, be brutally honest if I have missed something, or missed a book entirely, but it must be after Stormbringer, but then why is Imyrr alive and kicking, along with Elric and Moonglum for that matter.
    Sorry if this seems obvious, but though a long time reader of your older works, it took me a while to steel myself into testing the Multiversal waters and I am rather a novice in the the matters of the Multiverse. I apologise for my ignorance, and thankyou in advance for your answer, which I'm sure will be most enlightening. javascript:emoticon(':D')