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Stormbringer (tales of the eternal champion). Help needed!

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  • Stormbringer (tales of the eternal champion). Help needed!

    Greetings everyone,

    I am new in these forums so I apologise if this is in the wrong thread, but I a bit desperate about some information.
    Until recently I had a cpy of volume 8 adn 12 of the omnibus editions from The Tales of the Etarnal Champion (Elric of Melnibone and Stormbringer). I gave those books to a friend as a gift some time ago.

    I went down the bookshops the other day and bought again Elric of Melnibone and was looking to find Stormbringer as well. To my dismay I found out that Stormbringer is out of print and nowhere to be found. I looked at amazon, nothing. I loked at amazon used books...nothing. Ebay..nothing. Other websites with out of print stuff...nothing!

    I really want to get that book....or in any case something to substitute it.
    So here is my question (and plead for help...ok being a bit melodramatic here). Does anyone know where if anywhere I can get hold of that book? And if that is not possible what would you recommend as sufficient subsitute?

    Thank you all for your time

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    I'd recommend that you keep checking eBay. It seems to come up fairly often, if I remember correctly (and that is where I got my copy an year or so ago, at a reasonable price).

    Alternatively keep checking eBay and all other sources for the individual novels.


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      I will do that. Hopefully it will come up eventually


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        Check this out, if you haven't already seen it:

        Looks to be in fabulous condition!

        You in the UK aren't you, Eol?


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          Makes me glad I picked up most of the omnibus editions when I had the chance - and I got to bring them with me to the States. Am missing several of the volumes though. Specifically:

          1) Von Bek
          5) Sailing to Utopia
          7) The Dancers at the End of Time
          9) The New Nature of the Catastrophe
          11) Legends from the end of time.

          I don't have the Kane series either.
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            Originally posted by GuyLawley
            Check this out, if you haven't already seen it:


            Looks to be in fabulous condition!

            You in the UK aren't you, Eol?
            I have no words to thank you GuyLawley..... I bidded on the individual paperbacks.....but I am getting that as well...

            Once again...thanks!

            EDIT: Yes, in Ol' Albion I am :D


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              Can someone with the small paperback of the UK volume 12 (Stormbringer) please post the ISBN? I think it is 0752809067, but as it is out of print I'm struggling to find it. I know the individual books are easy, but I want it to match the Elric volume I recently picked up.



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                Originally posted by JonLaidlow
                Just checked, and that's the one.


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                  Brill. Thanks!