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    I am from CRETE - HELLAS i want to ask you somethings (not all of course because i will need a book!!) is there a posibillity for hawkwind to write music for ELRICS film????? how the proccesion of the movie goes???? i am a reader of your books for years and i have read more than once the ELRIC books, personally i think that your books are much better than tolkiens LOTR for many many reasons and one of these reasons are your writting and how your characters play with each other in the case of the eternal champion and how the dimensions space and time are introdused to these stories. Personally i believe and have made a small search about these thinks through time and this is a good reason why i specially love your books.I have read also CORUM chronicles and a little bit of HAWKMOON and ERECOSE and i can see that in every dimension that the particular hero lives (elric - corum - hawkmoon - erecose) is threated by the law and chaos, but i feel that it's the same space and time in every dimension when the war and changes are bound to come.for example: when the war between gods starts in a particular time in elrics dimension the same changes but in a different way starts in corums dimension, BUT in some way the timeclocks are in the same corect in this or????
    Last but not least, to tell you the truth i don't know if i was happy when i heard that ELRIC is going to be in the cinemas in a few years, some things must stay underground, because in our time everything that matters is destroyed in the altar of money and i believe that it is very very difficult to put the story of elric in film and i know from now that it is going to be changed (like lord of the rings which was a book more easier and with much les places than yours to make for the movie) anyway i wish all the best for this from inside my heart and i hope the movie will show the moral things that the book shows and not just scenes with everybody crying.
    To me you are not just a writer but you are an era like hawkwind.You are more than one face in art, you are a face in music, a face in writing......a face in many different dimensions........



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    Thanks for your letter.
    I fear there's no chance of Hawkwind doing the music for the Elric movie. This aspect would be a long way down the line, but my guess is that our consensus would not be for Hawkwind. However, the advent of a movie would be very likely to improve the sales of Hawkwind's version of the Elric saga in Chronicle of the Black Sword. It may seem strange to you that Elric seems more 'underground' than Tolkien, but at the time of his initial publication both Tolkien, Elric and the few other examples of that kind of fiction were all considered 'underground' or marginal. For many years I refused to sell the film rights to Elric and it was not until the Weitz brothers came to me that I became willing to see the stories filmed. Chris Weitz has been reading Elric since he was young and has great respect for the stories -- if anything more than I have!
    But we are still some time away from the film being made and it will certainly not be a standard generic fantasy picture.
    Incidentally, there are quite a few more of my books being published in Greek in the near future. I hope this won't reduce their status as 'underground' books! :D

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      Dear Mike

      First of all, sorry if this has been treated in another place.
      I share my doubts with this guy from Crete about if an Elric movie is a right thing to do.
      Of course you deserve a greater audience and you will get it with the movie, and I am sure that you have the best intentions and you want the film to be the most accurate as possible but the movie industry is reigned by money. And money is a coward litlle being, I mean that the producers will not put money on this film at least it be something comerciable. They will ask for another LOTR movie, not for something new and changeling like were the Elric books.
      I (and I guess that lots fans too) would hate to see your storys and caracters being treated in a herectic way. I mean that lots of caracters, leit motivs, and subjets in the Elric books are not what the common audience is used to and a lot of things will be changed.
      I have loved your stories from de first time I read the Corum books, I made the impossible (and I spent a lot of money) to get any book of yours in Argentina, and I always had that lovely feeling of knowing something that is great and that is not known in the mainstream world.
      Maybe this movie will be cool and pretty accurate and I will enjoyit a lot; but I will always miss that felling (like what happened to LOTR).

      A reply would be very nice.

      See you in another life in another world