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Stormbringer replica

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  • Stormbringer replica

    Are there any full-size Stormbringer replicas available to collect? I want to start a collection of swords. Thanks!

    edit: Never mind. I googled for it and saw one is in the works. It looks real cool. I sure hope Mr. Moorcock approves it. I'd sell my computer to get that sword!!!!!!!

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    Have a look here. I'm assuming this is the one you've seen. It's the one I'm getting eventually anyway.

    Where'd you live, by the way? I'm starting a sword collection myself when I get some spare cash, and am starting out with some movie/book replicas and such- LOTR, Forgotten Realms, and of course the Black Blade as a centrepiece! Basically anything that looks really cool!!!

    Problem I have is that prices for the stuff I'm after are extortionate over here in England compared to US prices, so I'm waiting to see if a friend can find some and ship them over instead. As much as I want the stuff, I'm not paying two and a half times the price over here that it would cost elsewhere.

    But that's just for film/book replicas; I haven't compared medieval replicas yet so I can't comment on that so far. The main thing is look around and compare the prices before you get anything. Still, I'm getting a set of samurai swords for Xmas, so that'll be a nice start! If nothing else it'll scare the crap out of those kids who egged my car when I take a swing at them!!! :lol:


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      That's the one. آ£2500 (I'm assuming that's roughly equal to $2,000 or so)? OMG forget it!!!!!!!


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        T'other way round, mate...

        آ£2500 is, at current rates, wait for it...

        Wait for it...


        Which is why I don't have one right now!!! :lol:

        Still, this is a unique, hand crafted blade, and far more expensive that most of the other swords you'd come across.

        Naturally, Mr M has the first of these in his closet, crooning away, awaiting release unto the world!!!

        Thaxted, England- Otherwise known as the Chasm of the Nihrain.


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          $4,607.61???!!!!!! 8O 8O *passes out cold.* I got my katana for $99. Wow...


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            I certainly have issues with Raven Armoury. Their swords look good, but the quality of the steel, balance, weighting and finishing is not worth the prices they charge!!

            In the UK, try Battle Orders for film and fantasy swords, at far cheaper prices.


            To be honest, I am more into real medieval replicas, and you cannot get any better quality than Del Tin replicas from Italy. Perfect balance, excellent quality steel and prices around the آ£200-آ£300 range. Museum Replicas are a good source of these blades in the US, and I know plenty of places in the UK that import them, if you're interested.


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              Is there anywhere in the USA that I could get the Stormbringer for under $1,000? Probably not, but it's worth a shot.


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                that would be a good place to start...even it is not a standard item, I am sure there will be an armoury out there that will be prepared to take on the work as a specialist one off item and will make it to spec. Just search a lot of armoury links for those that'll be able to take on the job.


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                  Originally posted by WhiteWolf
                  $4,607.61???!!!!!! 8O 8O *passes out cold.* I got my katana for $99. Wow...

                  I have a certain amount of "expertise" in Japanese swords, since I teach a martial art associated
                  with them. If you got a $99 katana, it's probably nice and decorative (I'm sure it looks good),
                  but it's not a "seriously" designed "weapon." The least expensive well-designed katanas or
                  daitos that I personally know of start at around $500-$600. My own, which I use for
                  tameshigiri (practice cutting) and iaido demonstration (very *careful* demonstration) ran
                  well over $1000 -- the exact price isn't important.

                  Based on what I've seen, I suspect the Raven Armoury version of Stormbringer is a well-
                  designed, quality *weapon*. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make this. No surprise that
                  it weighs in at > $4000!

                  If you look around, perhaps you can find a decorative version. I doubt it'll be just like
                  the one from Raven Armoury, but if it pleases you, that's what counts.



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                    My katana blade is sharp enough to cut flesh. I'm not sure how decorative that is. I'd like to find a more decorative version of the Stormbringer sword, one that won't break my bank. Guess I'll just have to keep an eye out.


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                      Originally posted by WhiteWolf
                      My katana blade is sharp enough to cut flesh. I'm not sure how decorative that is.
                      Not trying to give you a hard time about this, but meat cleavers will cut flesh. That doesn't
                      make them a seriously designed weapon.

                      The high cost comes from the forging process of the blade. Low cost, decorative
                      katanas in the $100 - $200 range are typically 420 or 440 grade steel. This is good
                      enough, but I don't want to do demonstration cutting with such an implement. The
                      overall blade is more brittle than a classically-designed and forged daito or katana.

                      Really high quality Japanese swords are also incredibly sharp in addition to being
                      flexible. The edge is sharper and more brittle than the rest of the blade. The result
                      is that one can cut through a set of rolled-up tatami mats with a single stroke. One
                      of the demo tricks we do in tameshigiri is to cut a rolled up mat in half 3 times before
                      it hits the floor. Skill with the sword helps, but the sword has a lot to do with it.

                      I'd like to find a more decorative version of the Stormbringer sword, one that won't break my bank. Guess I'll just have to keep an eye out.
                      Good luck.


                      Postscript: Anent the question of the quality of the Raven Armoury blades, I went to the
                      web site to take a look. Nothing is said about the forging method employed for the blades.
                      That could be a bad sign. The high price for their "Stormbringer" appears to arise from the
                      "limited edition" aspect of the blade. It's certainly fancy enough. Since I've never had
                      the pleasure of handling one of their blades, I'll defer to others on questions of the
                      quality of the steel.


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                        Wait till Mike gets back and ask him. From what I remember he doesn't have any problems with his, and found it sufficiently well balanced to 'fence' with it.

                        Museum Replicas is a pretty decent place from what I've seen, but I've had issues with the online order process to the UK. They do offer international delivery, but I wasn't convinced that they'd be able to ship to me from the limited about of address info they request and from the fact that their site wouldn't recognise a UK postcode.

                        Oh, and out of seven emails thay've yet to reply to a single one. From the first email I'm waiting well over six months for an answer. Something tells me I'm not going to get one. Frankly I've given up... :(

                        Here's my issue though... Strider's Sword from Battle Orders is آ£249 ($462), and the sheath is آ£185 ($343). Look at MuseumReplicas and the sword is $185, while the sheath is $134.

                        Cost in the States = $319
                        Cost in the Uk = $805 (converted from pounds sterling to US dollars.)

                        That's 2.5 times the price!!! There's a reason it's called Rip Off Britain...

                        Maybe I should give their order site another try? Glutton for punishment.

                        I'm wanting to get a nice display collection going for when I get my place redecorated (that in itself is going along at the same pace as the movie, ie not much apparent progress :lol: ) so I'm more interested in cool looking stuff over authentic replicas. But, for the latter I am in luck, as a gift shop has just opened in town that sells some pretty decent stuff, and it's only a five minute drive from the house!!! Failing all else, I can still get myself kitted out at a nice price!!! :D



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                          It's unfortunate what you say about the price of these items in the U.K. Unfortunately,
                          it's not that uncommon. Good luck getting the sword.

                          Historical swords aren't my hobby or especial interest, although I've got a couple of Japanese
                          long swords for martial arts demonstration purposes. That's pretty much the extent of
                          my interest in such things. Of necessity, I had to educate myself on long sword design
                          as part of my training with the weapon.

                          Looking at some of these "fantasy swords," I'm often struck (as a sword-arts practictioner)
                          at how impractical they are. Form wedded to function is my personal preference in such
                          matters. That being said, from the photograph, the Stormbringer blade design appears
                          pretty good. I have a few questions about the practicality of the knuckle guard, but
                          overall, it appears to be nicely designed. I'm a little troubled by what the Guest above
                          said about the quality of the steel -- but then, I'm not interested in buying one.

                          My favorite daito set me back enough money to preclude indulgence in weapons I don't

                          Incidentally, the balance of the long sword is an important factor in fencing, it's
                          true. Also important is the overall weight. A lot of these "fantasy swords" are a
                          bit too heavy to be practical, I've observed. You'd be surprised at how light and
                          fast a classically designed Japanese sword is.



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                            I know what you mean about how fantasy style swords are often impractical... In the back of my mind there's always the little voice that says "Ahh, but it's magical, so whoever made it will have magically balenced it too." or "Yeah, in real life that blade would break right there at the first strike, but it's fantasy, and it's magic, so whoever made it made it stronger than it would be in real life". It's a cheap cop-out, but then it's fantasy, and it's not supposed to be real... :D

                            I would assume that the Raven Armoury Stormbringer (and indeed any of their fantasy-style weapons) would be of very high quality crafting. These guys supply to the Royal Armouries Museum here in Leeds, formerly London- you don't get a gig like that by being second-rate, I'd guess. These Stormbringer Replicas are hand-crafted over three years and made only to order, from what I gather, so they don't seem to be a rush-job for the sake of a quick buck!

                            Back when I was a kid I used to study martial arts until the school closed and my immediate interests drifted elsewhere. I know it's nothing close to the level you and others here must have acheived, but one day back then the instructor and a few guests did a weapons display with swords and staves and of course NUNCHUCKS!!! (Note: not spelled as numchucks... :lol: ) I got to wield a few weapons back then under VERY controlled supervision, so I have an idea of how well designed Japanese blades are. Of course, maybe the passage of time has affected my memory slightly... I was ten, and at the time it was SO FRIKKIN' COOL!!!
                            Alas, circumstances prevented me from continuing with the martial arts at the time- like having to get my parents to drive me thirty six miles or so to the next nearest school, and then what with school, Uni, and work I just never had the time. But, no regrets. Nowadays I get my fix from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, &al. Meh, such is life... I wouldn't win any open tournaments, but I know enough to handle myself should the need arise- whether or not I'd have the presence of mind to act is a different matter entirely... and completley off-topic.

                            Basically I'm a fantasy freak and I just want a load of really cool swords to slap on the wall; but not stupidly cool- there are limits. Next year it might be halberds, or a suit of full-plate gothic armour to sit in the corner of the living room behind the telly (and no, I haven't even considered the price of a full suit of armour- the notion is too scary!!!)

                            One way or another I'll get what I'm after, and if I have to fork out and meet their exhorbitant prices I'll do so, but only as a last resort. I have a friend in the States who's looking for them for me and who'll ship them to me, at a decent price (hell, whatever the shipping costs for her, it'll still be cheaper than anything I've seen over here)... I'm just looking forward to the fun getting them through customs!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


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                              It is true that Raven Armouries supply to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, but for display purposes. Del Tin supply the Royal Armouries with the bulk of their medieval displays, and re-enactment works, on-site.

                              Sad to say, I know quite a few people who have purchased from Raven Armouries and have had the swords break rather easily. They were also heavier than necessary and the balance was not perfect. They are for show, not for blow. That is why Del Tin are far superior and much cheaper.

                              However, as already mentioned, these weapons are, on the most part, for display purposes, though Del Tin are quite usuable as proper fighting blades, you wouldn't want to be risking chinking great chunks out of their edges by clashing blade on blade. Re-enactment blades generally have thick edges to lessen this (and to prevent serious injury).

                              For my ultimate "fantasy" weapon, check out this link.. It is a replica of a museum piece, which is referred to as the Edward III sword.

                              For re-enactment weapons I would reckon someone like Paul Binns or Roy King.

                              Roy King is a prominent swordsmith and archer that has displayed and lectured across the globe on arms and armour. He has done many displays in Japan, especially in Archery. I have visited him at his armoury back in '97. He also imports Del Tin weapons to the UK, and will undertake special item goods - when I visited him back in '97 he was in the process of making a series of ceremonial swords for heads of state, including Nelson Mandela.

                              Roy King
                              Sussex Farm Museum
                              Near Heathfield
                              East Sussex
                              TN21 0JB
                              Tel : 01435-813733

                              Paul Binns has a website at I think it may be outside your interest though, as it is mainly Viking and Medieval weapons he makes, mostly for re-enactors and films. As he is generally doing bulk orders for specialist groups, he will take an aeon to get round to finishing off a special order weapon.

                              On the Museum Replicas issue, if you are from the UK I wouldn't order from them. Again, I know some people that have ordered from them and have had nothing but hassle and problems with them. A lady I knew from Hadleigh, Suffolk ordered a dagger from them. After months of calls and hassle a package turned up, but just the sheaf and the postman wanted آ£20 import tax to be paid before he would hand it over. The order was promptly cancelled and the item returned. Imagine what the import tax would be on a sword (if customs will let it through with the new legislations in place).