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Availability of the Original Elric Novels in US

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  • Availability of the Original Elric Novels in US

    I would like to acquire the original Elric books, but they don't seem to be in print here in the US. Are there any plans to re-release the books?

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    try shopping on the internet, pard.

    Since Michael is in Spain, I believe, right now, I'll answer.

    The answer to your question is Yes. It has been discussed several times on here.

    Michael's agent is looking for the right deals, with the right publishers before re-releasing the books in the US. Perhaps they're waiting for the right timing too. Just think of the potential sales after the movie is released?

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      Thanks for the reply

      I certainly see the potential for sales from a movie tie-in, but won't it be some time before the first film is released?


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        Yes, and Mike has expressed a desire to get the books re-released. However, it is evidently his agent that makes these decisions and Mike has said his agent is waiting for the right time.

        Originally posted by Michael Moorcock in another thread
        But because my agent doesn't want to offer the books until the film goes into production, I've had no conferences with publishers!
        Originally posted by Michael Moorcock in another thread
        My agent has deliberately not sold the rights to the EC books in the US for various reasons of publishing strategy and so on but you can still get many of them second hand or from John Davey (Jayde Design) or you can get mass market UK paperbacks.
        Hope this helps you. You can find an e-mail link to Jayde Design at the bottom of the left nav...
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          Yes. It will be a while before the movie comes out, Mike recently mentioned that the script isn't even finished yet.
          \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
          Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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            I was able to get 3 through the bookstores,and the rest I had to fight for on Ebay.My mom had the 2-book hardback set when I was a kid.But we had to put our stuff in storage and ended up losing it.So I was 22 before I got to read them.


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              Thanks, everyone. I guess it's off to the library, used bookstores, etc. until the film is released.


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                Your best bet would probably be shopping on the 'net, as Jerico said.

                You could give John Davey at Jayde Design a try. I've got a recent catalogue of theirs, there's plenty of Elric material in stock, natch. The prices I have are only for UK shipping, so you'd have to email for US shipping costs.

                Failing that, or if you'd prefer to look for them from a US source there're a couple of other alternatives. I've never used eBay, so I can't comment on that. There'll be plenty of them on offer through Amazon, either new or used- you can get some really good deals used if you don't mind the occasional second hand copy. As for as independent sellers go, you could try this one
                Dianes Books and Novelties.
                If you really can't find one or two of them, give her a try. I've bought a hell of a lot of stuff from her, including the entire Conan Saga and forty odd TSR novels. I'm sure she'll have no problems finding whatever is on your list if she hasn't got it herself. Assuming I've done it correctly, the link should be for her Amazon site, but you don't have to buy through Amazon- her email address is on there. Can't hurt to email her if you're interested.

                Or not, whatever suits you. :D


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                  John Davey has lots of different ediions. I always recommend the mass market paperbacks done in the VG series in the UK. There are also SFBC editions of all but the ones from Warner, which are, of course, still in print in the US. My US agent is holding off reselling the Elric books until thereآ´s a firm movie date. Itآ´s his strategy and while it doesnآ´t altogether suit me I can see his logic.

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                    You can try eBay, but you might end up paying out the wazoo for anything you find.

                    A better (and potentially cheaper) source would be The Advanced Book Exchange . Also check out Bookfinder .
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                      The seller I mentioned works through ABE too, that's how I came in contact with her- Amazon referencing ABE as a seller, which I thought was just one person.

                      I had a big list of books and potential sellers from Amazon and just contacted the first name on the list, which happened to be ABE, to see if I could get a deal on shipping, since they were all coming from ABE and could be packed together. I didn't realise at the time that ABE wasn't a single individual. Needless to say I couldn't get a deal since they couldn't all be packed together... The email to ABE routed to her since you had to quote a book code in the subject line and I quoted a code which happened to be for a book she had.

                      For one or two books there's no problem, but if I have a big list I generally try to purchase as many books from one person at a time as I can. A lot of them will say "The first book is $X, the second is $Y, and after that it's $Z per book (getting cheaper as you go, natch). One or two books might be more expensive from them, but if you can get a deal on the shipping it saves money overall.

                      All I do now is make big lists, pass them on to her, and she keeps them on one side until she has enough to cram into a big envelope and send across the pond. If nothing else it saves me doing all the looking around. :lol: :lol: :lol:

                      My US agent is holding off reselling the Elric books until thereآ´s a firm movie date. Itآ´s his strategy and while it doesnآ´t altogether suit me I can see his logic.
                      If nothing else it's a motivation to get the film underway!!! :D


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                        Originally posted by TheEighthSon
                        I had a big list of books and potential sellers from Amazon and just contacted the first name on the list, which happened to be ABE . . .
                        Does Amazon act as a middle-man(charge a fee or increase a price) if you buy from a seller through them?

                        I did that with Barnes & Noble when I bought a copy of the graphic novel 'The Ledge of Darkness,' that they were selling on behalf of a used book seller. When I got it, B&N had charged me DOUBLE what the book seller's sticker said (needles to say, I've not shopped B&N since!)
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                          Understand first that for some reason eBay just strikes me as being really, really, really sleazy. Don't ask why, cause I don't know. But I avoid it like the plague. Hence I can't compare to that. :lol: :lol: :lol:

                          The way I understand it is that a third party seller can register with Amazon and use Amazon as a contact medium, to reach a wide range of potential customers. This is the Marketplace, or zShops, or whatever it's called. The way I understand it, it works like this...

                          The seller enters a book and associated details into their account, so that the Amazon site knows that that seller is selling it. The seller sets the price of the book.

                          You browse Amazon, see it, and think "Lordy! That's good. I'm havin' that!!!" and order it using Amazon as a middle man. You complete the order process, and pay the price of the book to Amazon (as dictated by the seller) plus Amazon's shipping and handling charges (which might be more than the seller's s&h cost).

                          Amazon forwards the order to the seller, and the payment to the seller's Amazon account which is then transferred to their credit card or bank account or whatever applies. I'm not sure what percentage of that goes to the seller. The price of the book surely is transferred to the seller, but I'm assuming that Amazon make a profit from the difference in shipping costs, since the seller might not have to pay as much postage as what Amazon quotes.

                          I'm assuming that's how they make money from offering this service. The seller gets refunded whatever they paid for shiping plus the price of the book (they would decide what profit they get for the book itself, based on how much they paid for it in the first place, and Amazon hike up the S&H and take the difference).

                          I could be wrong, you realise, but that's just my take. Realise also that most of the stuff I've bought like this were from the States shipped to the UK, so S&H is rather more expensive than regular postage. Although Amazon UK is starting to develop a better Marketplace.

                          Most of the time I try to find one seller to provide as many books as possible, and see if they will provide a discount on the shipping. In that case you'll pay Amazon the full charge per item, and then the seller will refund to you the discount they gave on shipping. That's if they're nice. I always ask first, and if they're going to be tight then I don't use them, and look elsewhere. Naturally I try to find it in the UK first, but most of the time it's over the pond somewhere...

                          The last time I checked, Amazon were quoting around $14 for each overseas delivery charge. Most of the time that's way more than the book itself costs, and if you have a list of about fifty odd books, that's just extortionate, but for one or two books it might be acceptable, depending.

                          Some sellers operate exclusively via Amazon as a middle man, but others run a proper business and just use Amazon as a way of extending their reach. There'll be a seller's email address, and if you contact them directly, instead of ordering via Amazon, you might be able to arrange yourself a cheaper deal. That's what happened with me, and is why I assume that the seller doesn't see the full price that Amazon charges for shipping. It's the email equivalent of the traditional market haggle. ("Here, this bloke won't haggle." "WON'T HAGGLE?!?!?" :lol: :lol: :lol: )

                          The only potential problem with dealing direct with that is you have to pay the seller directly. Which either means PayPal, assuming that they and you have one (I've only just got a PayPal account to buy from Jayde Design) or giving them your Credit Card details via email. That's another reason why they use Amazon, you pay Amazon via secure online transaction and they pay the seller, and the seller never gets your payment details.

                          In the case I referred to, I had about twenty or so that were being sold by "ABE books", and another eighteen or so from a second bloke, with one or two from others. The second bloke would have done me a deal on those he had, since he could just slap them all in a really big box and pay for one big parcel rather than several little parcels.

                          With the ones that Amazon had listed as being from ABE, when you email ABE via Amazon, you have to reference the book's SKU number in the email subject line. The email is sent to Abe, which is then routed to the appropriate seller based on that SKU number (or that's how I figure anyway).

                          I had twenty or so SKUs, so I just picked the top one and entered that as the reference, and enquired in the email about all the books (didn't know then that ABE wasn't a single person :oops: ). That ended up with Diane, and she explained the situation about ABE, and said that while she only had two in stock herself, that she'd look around for the others and send them to me as cheaply as possible. So I figured what the hell, and forwarded her the entire fifty odd book list and said go for it!

                          Within a week she had found about ten from various Texas bookstores, by the end of the month she had another eight, after two months had passed she'd got the whole lot, more or less. And I'd saved an absolute fortune on S&H by cutting out Amazon!!! The shipping would have cost half as much again more than the books!!! And from Texas to Leeds, England it took seven to nine days, depending on the weekend, so I didn't have to go for a really slow delivery to save, either.

                          Since then, unless I want something really urgently and it's available in the UK, which hardly ever happens, I'll drop her an email and then forget about it, since I know she'll be able to find it. What's best about it is that since I've dealt with her directly I've become really good friends with her. Plus, she's as much a fantasy/sci fi fan as I am, and really appreciates my peculiar sense of humour. Maybe we could... No, it probably wouldn't work out. :D :D :D (Joking)

                          At the moment she's looking for some replica Lord of the Rings weapons for me, for purely decorative purposes of course, since, while they're available over here in the UK they cost over twice as much as they do in the States. Cost, for example, from is $185, while the cost over here, converted for ease of reference, is about $450.

                          I can get, for example, Strider's Sword and Scabbard (seperate items) in the States for less than the price of the sword alone over here. Unfortunately, Museum Replicas' online order system is screwed, and they haven't answered a single one of my emails, so they can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I figured if Diane can find them, I can get then from her for less than I'd be able to order them from a company on international shipping. If she can't find them, no biggie. Either way I save a fortune compared to buying them from a UK outlet.

                          There's a reason it's called "Rip Off Britain". That's a big part of it.

                          Stormbringer, of course, I intend to buy direct from Raven Armouries- I just need to set a small fortune aside to do so.

                          Apologies for the length of the post! Sometimes when I get started I find it hard to stop... Especially when it's 3am and I'm not tired. Still, I've seen far longer posts on here!!! :D

                          EDIT- After all that I typed 'marker' instead of 'market'. DAMN THIS INFERNAL KEYBOARD!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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                            I haven't had any trouble with eBay(yet) but the main problem with it is if you're bidding on something popular, the price can skyrocket rather quickly (like with Hawkwind LPs/CDs).

                            I like dealing with ABE because you can deal with the sellers directly, no middle-man, no middle-man fees. I don't mind paying a little for the middle-man's effort, but when they charge the full price of the book, as B&N did, screw them! I'll shop somewhere else.

                            Most of the sellers (or at least the ones I've bought from) accept personal checks or money orders, along with PayPal or credit cards.

                            Most of the sellers I've bought from on ABE also have rates for multiple book purchases. Of course, they ALSO have to have the books you're looking for in the first place . . .
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                              I can see the logic of holding off on the Elric (wish it wasn't the case though) series but what about the rest of the Eternal Champion books? These are very difficult to find as well. Will your agent be holding off on all of your past works?

                              Thank you!