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MR. M and the skrayling tree

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  • MR. M and the skrayling tree

    I finally got paid and went to the store today and purchased the skrayling tree and i have to say that EVERY BOOK MR.M WRITES GETS BETTER AND BETTER! i swear, that book is so good from what ive read so far. even the poetry is awesome. nine by nine, three by three, we seek the skrayling tree..... thats been stuck in my head for like 7 hours.I really cant wait for the white wolfs son to comeout, if its anything like the skrayling tree, then i may soil myself. Thanks for all your good novels mr M!

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    Yes! I've been feeling the same way. reading what i can of Skrayling tree in between things here at the house. (darn life getting in my way of reading!!) :D


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      Yes i have hard times throwing in reading in a daily schedule. i have to go to school and work but i usually read in class( i am a senior they dont care :D )