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  • Regarding STORMBRINGER!

    Just finished it! So this is it?


    Elric DIES????

    Is there anything else after this book in the Elric chronology???


    Anyone noticed how fast paced Moorcock's writting is? It's almost like reading a comic book, straight and to the point. The descriptions are simple and clear, very direct and it fits the adventure with ACTION and movement always.

    Any thoughts on this book compared to others?

    I already ordered the first one used. Well, let me know what you think!


    P.S. Anyone knows what is the status of the Elric movie? I hear lot's of rumors but what's the truth?

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    There are books that came out after, but i beleive they all take place before Stormbringer or while Elric was in dream or something similar.


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      All the other Elric books have taken place before Stormbringer. Elric is 100% DEAD at the end of Stormbringer.

      Which personally, I think is much better than if Elric had lived. The world he had known had ended and been recreated, everyone he'd ever known and cared for were dead...some by his own hand. He had to die, truthfully, it would be bittersweet for him to have survived everything. But then there would always be clamouring for a sequel and it would feel like Elric had returned to Point one.


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        yeah there is a whole other series of elric that is recently being released. the dream theifs daughter, the skrayling tree and the white wolfs son. and the white wolfs son is the last EC novel :(


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          Originally posted by Lurue-Blackheart
          yeah there is a whole other series of elric that is recently being released. the dream theifs daughter, the skrayling tree and the white wolfs son. and the white wolfs son is the last EC novel :(
          Ok but those novels take place BEFORE Stormbringer? I hate the marvel "heroes that never die" syndrome!

          If a character DIES it DIES. I hate when they make it come back out of the NOWHERE. It's cheating and it's cheap.


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            Technically, yes, they fit in at various point in Elric's life before, or during, the events of Stormbringer.

            Mike has returned to Elric in the novels many times since writing Stormbringer, but later installments (Fortress of the Pearl, Revenge of the Rose, and the others mentioned above) all fit in when Elric was still alive.

            Elric himself is rather dead at the end, as you've read, but the Eternal Champion continues to exist.

            The Elric series, while complete in itself, also links with a lot of Mike's other work. If you're planning on reading the entire Elric series you'll see what I mean, so I won't spoil it.

            Have fun!


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              I guess there's some bittersweet consolation in that Elric acheived his ultimate goal. To be forgotten forever.

              Then some hack writer from England came along and buggered that right up (though I'm sure nobody's sorry for that).

              HIGHLIGHT FOR PS:
              For the slower among you, the hack comment was a joke.


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                as much as i love Mr. Moorcock's works, this is my biggest gripe. i really hate sad endings. i hate it when our heroes die. scratch that: I REALLY HATE IT WHEN OUR HEROES DIE! (but he never listens to me.) seriously though, he fills the hero void for me with Corum and Hawkmoon and Jhary and so forth, so i'm not completely empty.


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                  Ooh... 8O

                  I assume you haven't finished Corum yet?


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                    SPOILER ALERT>>>>

                    ...and he dies twice!

                    Seriously, though, Elric has to die. A tragic character of that nature could hardly have a "happy ever after" with Cymoril and the kids, could he?
                    "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl f'tagn"


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                      actually, i liked him much better with Zarozinia and Shaarila. *shrugs*


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                        can you guys help me out about the whole before stormbringer thing your talking about. I thought that the multiverse was a vast universe consisting of many worlds and realities. i thought that the new novels were based upon a diffrent part of the multiverse. i guess not, i guess it was before stormbringer. thanks for tellin me :)

                        I was kinda wondering why that bastard wasnt dead yet :)


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                          Read Hawkmoon...


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                            as a matter of a fact you right lol. The first book was a very fast read. i just got the skrayling tree though so i will read that before i go to hawkmoon. skrayling tree= VERY DAMN GOOD BOOK.


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                              Whilst MM has Elric dying at the end of Stormbringer other authors bring Elric back - the Elric bit of The Queens of Deliria by Michael Butterworth (the second Hawklords book) follows on from Stormbringer. There are a couple of Elric stories in Tales of the White Wolf & Pawn of Chaos that could fit during this 'resurrected' time. One by David Ferring set in the Warhammer universe seems to have an elderly mad Elric...
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