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The 'é' in Melniboné?

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  • The 'é' in Melniboné?

    Mel-ni-bo-nay! Alotta people don't get that. I wonder if Mike has had any problems with people saying "mel-ni-bone" instead.

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    Resumأ©, Attachأ©, Fiancأ©...

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      Hearing Mr. M pronounce it on Hawkwind's 'Live Chronicles,' it's Mel-NI-bo-nay
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        How's about Marylebone?


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          Oops, i always say Melnibonй :oops: Dammit!!! :D

          MissDreamy, why "Maryle..."?


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            Wizard: Marylebone - that's a station on a UK edition "Monopoly" board!
            Google ergo sum


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              Marylebone!!! sh*t they're closer than I thought.

              Wonder which Young Kingdom Bristols in? 8O


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                It's on the Bakerloo line on the London Underground, and yes UK Monopoly as well.... :lol: D'you know, I've never been there - passed through it many a time - perhaps I should go and investigate for any tall, slender, folk with violent tendences. Mind you there's plenty of strange folk abroad on any tube train at any time.... 8O



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                  Ted Carnell, editor of Science Fantasy, made me change the name from Eric of Marylebone because he didn't think it had enough of a fantasy feel.
                  This is what I've said recently about pronunciation. I live in a part of the world where the countries I know as Ihraq' and Ihraan are regularly pronounced Eye Rack and Eye Ran. It's only recently since old residents of Southwark (pr. Suthark by Londoners) used to call where they lived South Wark. Brits say Fen'ick for Fenwick (and most other wicks) while Americans say Fen Wick. My point -- if it sounds right to you, don't worry about it. I'm afraid I'm never going to be the kind of author who produces vast volumes of maps, lexicons, travel guides and so on to the worlds of fiction I create and while I have my own preferred forms of pronunciation of names, how you want to do it is up to you. The AudioRealm book more or less gives an idea how I'd pronounce the names, should you want to check that out!

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                    My older brother lives in London, and from him I learned about saying Worcestershire as 'worse-ter-sheer' and Warwick as 'war-rick'. I wonder what the people at Fuk Mi restaurant said when answering the phone in English. The evolution of language and its usage has its amazing moments. I wonder who pronounces Yankee as "Wanker". :P

                    Eye ran sounds like the answer to the question, 'what did you do after you went to Eye-raq'.


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                      Mind you, some of these fantasy tomes need a guide, what with such names as Gnash'ara'thrar'ne'nesh...blah, blah, la dee dah.. or something equally tedious. Books I tend to avoid like the plague! :)


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                        Ah, so we are into pronounciations now!

                        The first books I read by Mike were in Hebrew. Can you imagine English without the use of vowels? Well, this is more or less how Hebrew reads like (with the addition that P is the same letter as F and B is the same letter as V). It's especially hard when you get to names. One of my best friends had for years pronounced Frudo instead of Frodo (but it could have been Prudu as well!). There's a way around it in Hebrew - using the "Nikud" system of points - but this is rarely used in adult books.

                        Luckily, reading the books in English had helped me discover the correct pronounciations - most of the time (for Corum an Irish pronounciation guide is handy; I can even pronounce Medhbh now!).

                        What about Erekosأ«? How do you pronounce that أ«?
                        I've noticed that in "One Life Furnished in Early Moorcock" by Neil Gaiman, Erekosأ« is written as "Erikose". I guess it's just a typo?

                        I like Huw Lloyd-Langton's pronounciation of Yyrkoon in "The Sea King", although I doubt this is how Mike pornounces it.

                        By the way, Chaosium had a pronounciation guide in their Elric! (aka Stormbringer) game.




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                          Originally posted by Oren Douek
                          What about Erekosأ«? How do you pronounce that أ«?
                          I always pronouce it -ay like in Brontأ«, which was first Brunty then Brontأ©.
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                            Techtor. What is your avatar?
                            Is that some-kind of Ultraman?
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