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  • Pronunciation

    I was wondering if MM could possibly give us a few tips on pronunciation or could direct me to a listing of these.
    There are quite a few character/creature/place name pronunciations in his fiction that could be said to be non-obvious.

    When conversing with fellow fans, especially with the coming movie, I feel it imperative that I learn these in order not to appear foolish by using non-officially endorsed pronunciations.... :)

    The main one I am after is the correct pronunciation of Cymoril.

    I would hazard a guess at

    Sih-more-ill ? with no emphasis on any of the syllables.

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    From the Elric Audio-book that is out (which Michael approved and gives a spoken intro to), Cymoril is pronounced Sim-er-ill.
    It might be easiest for you to get hold of this audio-book, then you'll have all the pronounciations right. Click on my sig below and it will take you to my bookstore website where I'm selling it :twisted: :lol:

    Ken Boorman
    Purveyor of the Runestaff and Stormbringer Legends


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      We had a short discussion about pronunciation of names in a previous thread and although we didn't discuss the pronunciation of Cymoril in that thread, I thought you still might find it interesting...

      [broken link]

      Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
      I don't say everyone should pronounce the names the same because, after all, we don't all pronounce foreign names or even regional names the same!
      For what it's worth, I've always thought it was SIH-mer-ill (emphasis on the first syllable), but that's just me. I've never heard the audiobooks... :?
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        I remember wanting to get something about MM pronunciation organised a few years ago. Mr. Davey of Jayde Design told me at the time that he'd heard MM pronounce the same name differently on different occasions and I remember a couple of examples of this in the BBC readings.

        I would like to know how Cymoril is pronounced "with no emphasis on any of the syllables". Think about it. It must be one of these unless you are a FischerPrice toy...


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          That was me posting without logging on :?

          "Melnibonأ©" is another good one where I remember asking an rpg forum about pronunciation and getting about 10 different versions...

          etc. etc.


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            That's actually the very one I sought an answer about in the thread I mentioned above. The final answer was...

            ...drum roll please...


            The character "أ©" is commonly pronounced "ay". Cafأ©. Fiancأ©. Melnibonأ©.
            "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
            --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars