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A poem in Spanish about Elric / for Moorcock

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  • A poem in Spanish about Elric / for Moorcock

    Hello to all, Hello Michael Moorcock. First, I'm sorry but I donآ´t speak english very well... :? I am a Spanish fan of the elric saga and of the multiverse.
    I have written a poem about Elric ,though in Spanish.But I it canآ´t translate the poem to english. But if someone could to translate... (Un saludo si hay algun espaأ±ol por aqui o alguien que lo hable) . I hope that the poem likes to you.

    Some questions for Michael Moorcock: Have you visited Spain? Do you like
    Spain? What do you know of Spain?

    Good Bye!

    This is the poem:


    He visto la vida y la muerte
    pasar por mi mente.
    He visto la rabia y el dolor
    clavأ،ndose en mi corazأ³n.

    Como un puأ±al afilado
    que no se ve pero se siente
    en mis entraأ±as, en mi costado
    frأ­o como la muerte.

    Mi mano empuأ±a el arma mortal
    que regala muerte y destrucciأ³n,
    compaأ±era fiel y letal
    torturadora de toda razأ³n.

    Es mi oscura dama
    de piel negra y frأ­a,
    gobernadora de mi alma,
    Provocadora de estas lagrimas mأ­as.

    Y en mi cuerpo pأ،lido
    se muestra este terror.
    Y en mis sesgados ojos
    la sangre que se derramأ³.

    Y estoy maldito
    solo por haber nacido.
    Una maldiciأ³n que no puedo romper,
    Porque yo soy Elric de Melnibonأ©.

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    A translation (with some liberties)...

    The Damned

    I have seen life and death
    pass before my mind.
    I have seen anger and pain
    nail themselves to my heart.

    Like a sharpened dagger
    that cannot be seen but is felt
    in my entrails, in my side
    cold as death.

    My hand grasps a mortal weapon
    that brings death and destruction,
    a companion faithful and lethal
    the torturer of all reason.

    It is my dark lady
    her skin black and cold,
    ruler of my soul,
    the cause of my tears

    And in my pale body
    this terror is revealed.
    And in my almond-shaped eyes
    the blood that was spilled.

    And I am damned
    only for having been born.
    A curse that I cannot break,
    Because I am Elric of Melnibonأ©.


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      Not only have I visited Spain many times, I have a place in Spain (if Mallorca counts!) and have a huge idealistic investment in Spain, which, perhaps because she fought fascism and later rejected Franco's nationalist experiment, seems to have instituted many reforms which I support (including provincial automony and so on). I have had the honour of being written about by the Catallan Minister of Arts and been
      a guest of readers in Barcelona (as well as, by strange chance, Opus
      Dei at Pamplona!) and a guest of the British Council in Madrid! I will
      be returning to Spain after some while (my wounded foot has stopped me from doing much travelling in recent years) in September and will remain there through October.
      It's a wonderful poem. Thank you!

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