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Dead Gods Book idea...

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  • Jerico
    I interpreted the message more like as you had intended, MM,
    although I don't think I could have explained
    it like you just did!
    The message shows how your fantasy reflects reality, rather
    than being a mere flight of fancy/ escape from reality,
    which is why your work is the top o the heap.

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  • Bob
    I see your point.

    I guess if the idea were to be worked on enough it could make more sense. Maybe something as basic as personalities being diluted through the multiverse so much, that individual Champions can be ignorant of their importance and dismiss any knowledge altogether?


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  • Michael Moorcock
    Fair enough, but it does tend to literalise a story which was meant to be exemplary when I wrote it in 1961 (I think) -- to do with the worthlessness of knowledge not gained from experience. On the other hand your EC idea does suggest that the knowledge was gained from experience. Unfortunately the story then suggests that the knowledge isn't worth pursuing. I'm not against anyone doing such a project for fun, of course, but the Elric stories have almost always had a sub-text, as it were, and I try to keep that sub-text as consistent as I can when
    doing my own Elric stories. If they have a 'moral' I suppose it's to do with Faustian bargains and there being no free lunches!

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  • Bob
    started a topic Dead Gods Book idea...

    Dead Gods Book idea...

    Hello! I hate to post the same thing twice, but I figured this would get more reads on the Q&A. With regards to the Dead God's Book project;

    I've been thinking of an idea for a while now but I'm not sure how it might relate to everyone else's contributions. OK, well, essentially my thoughts are that the Dead God's Book didn't belong to a god at all, but an early incarnation of the Eternal Champion who fully understood and embraced his/her role. Moorock suggested that the world could create a reflection if itself and thus all of it's personalities so, on this thought, would it be possible that the original 'world' was also home to the 'original' EC? It was this logic that brought me to the idea that would be most ironic where Elric is concerned, for if it were to have contained all of the 'original' ECs knowledge, the disintegration of the book by Elric's hands would be all the more devestating.

    Any thoughts?

    I quite like it myself and am already excited at the posibilities that it could open up.