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Questions for anybody, really...

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  • Questions for anybody, really...

    I noticed that Interzone ran a story in 1999 called "Elric: A Dragon Wakes". Was this just an excerpt from something or am I missing out on a story?

    Also one of the online bibliographies claims MM wrote "The Singular Quest of Martin Borg" published as by George Collyn. Have they got their wires crossed or is it true?

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    Though I personally have yet to read it, Elric: A Dragon Wakes is one of MM's pieces of short fiction written in 1991, according to the Bibliography page here at MWM:

    [broken link]

    You'll also find there confirmation of the Martin Borg issue. MM wrote that as George Collyn back in 1965.
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      Yes, but is the Elric piece new, or an excerpt from "The Dreamthief's Daughter" (as was "Ravenbrand", also published in Interzone)?

      And what's the story behind the Collyn piece? I thought he was a real author - I've certainly seen other stories by him. Was this a major rewrite by MM or was it a "house name"?

      Oh yes, and is there a snappy overall title for the current Elric trilogy yet? Referring to them as the "current elric trilogy" or "new books" doesn't quite have the proper ring....
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        George Collyn was a pseudonym, but never mine! He was a regular contributor to NW and used the pseudonym because he had a contract with the BBC Publications Dept not to write for anyone but them, and of course they had no real outlet for the kind of fiction he wrote! His first name was Colin...
        The only really accurate bibliographies are those down on Sweet Despise, The Terminal Cafe and John Davey's very detailed 'Reader's Guide'. Most of the others contain flaws. I'm not sure about the Dragon Wakes piece, unless it was an excerpt from The Revenge of the Rose.
        As always, John Davey is the oracle here. Interzone published no new Elric stories, only extracts from existing novels.
        I wonder how someone came up with the idea that I was George Collyn. Hardly fair on Collyn, who was a good writer and very much his own man.
        I was talking last night to a friend of mine who belonged to a very famous rock band and he said it was amazing how many rumours were put down as fact when he has an online Q&A and is easily available for interviews. If we were as prolific and as widely travelled (and sexually active) as our bibliographies and biographies we would be supermen indeed!

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          If I have accurately guessed who the rock star is, the rumors are much more fun!!! (and he doesn't update his Q&A like you do!!!) :D


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            Thanks for clearing that up, Mike.
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