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Corum movie

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  • Corum movie

    I see that there is alot fuss over this Elirc movie and yes I am happy to see that Moorcock's work is finally gonig to be given a place on the screen.

    I myself would want to see a Corum movie and have had many great ideas with a script and with Mr Moorcock's permission I would write the script up.


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    Hey Prince Corum, well met...

    There is a thread already which is calling for a Corum movie...

    I see you are interested in writing a script for a Corum movie and I wondered if you would like to collaborate either on that or on a third trilogy of Corum (for fun). Perhaps we could even write it interactively on a thread here? Anyway here are a few ideas I had for the return of Corum:


    ....The Two Sky Cities, Gwlas-cor-Gwrys City in the Pyramid and Gwlas-cor-Seren City in the Stars are in their usual positions in the first plane of the second Realm. During this great battle between Law and Chaos one of the sky ships crashes into the crystal control room of Gwlas-cor-Seren, which careers out of control hurtling through the dimensions crashing into the Great Plane of Broggfythus killing vast numbers of Vadhagh and Nhadragh in the midst of battle....

    ....The battle is lost on all planes and the remaining Vadhagh return to their Castle strongholds in Bro-an-Vadhagh in the first plane of the first Realm where the Lords of Law still hold sway. They are joined by the Sky City, The City in the Pyramid, Gwlas-cor-Gwrys....

    ....A desperate band of Vadhagh set off to discover and seek aid from Tanelorn the mythical, eternal city of peace. The people of Tanelorn decide to help the Vadhagh by attempting to restore Corum and life. In order to perform this magic one of the costs is that the leader of the Vadhagh band is required to sacrifice mortality and become the Champion's companion to serve mankind with the Champion throughout the Multiverse for all eternity...

    ...From Corum's point of view the years became centuries, centuries became millennia, millennia became eternity and eternal Tanelorn stood unchanged through the ages. Many cycles had pass since the great Conjunction of the Million Spheres each cycle a variation on previous cycles. Corum looks out from his statue tomb not just at this Tanelorn, but also at all Tanelorns throughout the Multiverse. As the years go by he relives every detail of his life and memories wishing he could change some of the events. He also plays the parts of some of the people in his life until their voices fill his head and he loses his sanity. Eternity continues to pass until even these voices fade and his mind eventually empties of all conscious thought and memories...

    ....After the summoning, Corum is transformed from stone to flesh, but immediately falls to the ground. They discover Corum's mind is a blank, but through care, magic and wisdom the folk of Tanelorn begin to restore Corum's mind. After some time Corum opens his eyes and looks at the leader of the Vadhagh band standing before him and utters, "Jhary...?"

    The End of Book 1 of the Third Trilogy...

    Mike, I see your point though about not wanting to go past the ending (Quest for Tanelorn), but it is the history of Corum's plane that I was interested in developing and the chance for Corum to make a difference one last time!

    I recall that you suggested that interested readers of these pages might like to collaborate on a Corum prequel/sequel. Any takers out there?


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      Well I'm gald that I'm not the only one out there who wishes to see a Corum movie.
      Though if I were to write a scritp for Corum I would like to do it, book by book or at the most into two diffrent parts. I think the integrity of the books would be lost to jam them into one fat movie so two or three movie would be need to get bring the story of Corum across.
      Though any help on getting Mr Moorcock to letting us go with the script would be great.



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        Corum where are you based? Coincidentally, I am in Vancouver myself...


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          Well my home town is Edmonton but I'm going to University in Nova Scotia. This would not be my frist script I've written in my long 25 years of life and anything envolving movie making would be great. So I would really love to get the script off and running cause Ithink some company would pick it up.
          I coming home for the summer and actaully am going out to Van this summer to see my Grandparents been along time and the old grandpa is not getting better.
          Its good too see another Canadian showing the intrest in a Corum movie.



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            Actually. I'm a 43 year old Welshman, living in Vancouver and enjoying everything except the work environment - or lack of. What are you studying, anything to do with the motion picture arts?


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              Well actauly I'm a History Majoy with a minor in Enlgish and have a great love for film and theater. As of right now I have been envolved in many theater productions, acting, directing and wrtting and have wrote and directed two short moives for a english class I took.
              The stage has been major passion in my life and I plan to make the jump to film like most actors. I'm vain enough to admit that if I brought about the production of a Courm movie I would request to play Corum himself or to have some appearence in the film.
              I have had much succes as an theater actor though i have yet to recieve any money for it. Such is life when doing somehting that you would gladly do for free and to get paid is just icing on the cake.

              Are you envolved in any entertaiment industry yourself?


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                I try to entertain, but probably fail! No I am an Engineer, moved my family and everthing to Canada, bought a house, invented a new product which got front cover world coverage and then got fired the next day! Welcome to Canada! I will probably have to leave Canada to continue my career, which isnt helpful for the kids education...

                So back on the original subject, you wish to write a Corum script and possibly star in the film?!?


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                  Yes that would be the ideal plan, as it would deffently save money on trying to buy a big star actor for the lead role, when it is the movie itself that would be making the sales. Everyone would be more intrested in seeing the movie, not who was acting in it, for regaurdless of who is in it people are going to go see it.
                  I already have plans for turing the first book into a script but I would not progress with anything unless Moorcock's gave his consent.


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                    Ambition can be a great thing! Hold on tight to your dreams, but also try to keep your feet firmly on the ground. If you manage to pull it off I will happily be your Jhary !

                    Unfortunately, I think a lot more would be needed to pull something like this off unless you were going to do a kind of Arty Corum equivalent of Blair Witch! But hey that might actually work for some parts of the story !


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                      Ya I know what you mean about holding to your dreams I the only way I could get the movie off the ground would be with a great script and either an intrested film company or movie grant as many provinces give them out for minor film makers. As a grant film the film would most likely be digital wich would be okay.


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                        Ya I know what you mean about holding to your dreams and the only way I could get the movie off the ground would be with a great script and or either an intrested film company or movie grant as many provinces give them out for minor film makers. As a grant film the film would most likely be digital wich would be okay.


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                          Sorry about those last two confusing replies forgot to login. Then when I went to edit it. It wouldn't let me cause I was not on my account funny stuff.


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                            So well i was hoping to get permison to write a script and them make an indepent Corum movie for I think that is the only way it will get done as Elric has always been in the spot light over Corum.
                            So if any of you wish to garnders support for such an outcome I guess here is the place to do it.


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                              I would have to say that I would rather see a Corum movie than Elric. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it is the truth :twisted: