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can i leap to Corum in the series?

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  • can i leap to Corum in the series?

    Hello again,
    I have read both THe Eternal Champion and Von Bek and I am waiting for vol.s 3 (Hawkmoon), 4 (nomad of the time streams), 5 (Elric),6 (The Road between Worlds), and 7 (Corum: The coming Chaos). But I have noticed that the local book store has Corum: The prince with the silver hand, which as tou now is vol.12! So could I read this vol.12 and understand what is going on, or should I wait until I have read the others first?

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    You could certainly read Corum before Hawkmoon, the other Elric volume, and the Nomad of the Time Streams, but it might not be a good idea to read The Prince with the Silver Hand before The Coming of Chaos (the other Corum sequence). That might get tricky. If possible, I'd wait for the earlier Corum volume, so you can at least read those two in order.

    Best, Nick.


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      I agree. Do not read the Prince with the Silver Hand before the Coming of Chaos. You will thank yourself later for it, especiallu when you get to the ending of the second series.


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        Right. You should read the Swords Trilogy before the Chronicles of Corum.

        I liked the Swords Triogly more than the Chronicles of Corum. However, both are excellent. The hand and eye thing in the Swords Trilogy were just way too cool. Probably won't be topped by anything I read ever again. 8)