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*NEW* Corum Dalmazio Frau

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  • HellHound
    Working The Chaos Clock
    • Dec 2003
    • 69

    *NEW* Corum Dalmazio Frau

    ''New Corum and the Hounds of Kerenos,
    art for your viewing pleasure'' said Dr. Jest.
    Hounds of Kerenos from Limbo
    Attack in packs when the horn blows
    Rabid animals to the end
    Never stop until it sounds again.
    Shaggy coarse fur war coat
    Trained at birth to go for the throat
    Leaving victims ripped and torn
    Dogs of Chaos Hounds of the Horn
    When it comes time to die
    Sing your death song
    and die like a warrior.
  • Athenys
    Autarch of Ulthwe
    • Oct 2004
    • 194

    Nice composition :) . Right now it's a little too fuzzy and you need more definition around the edges. Work a little more on the textures, lighting and shading and it will look even better.


    • DyvimTvarsBodyguard
      Denizen of Moo Uria
      • Mar 2004
      • 128

      I guess you should see the original
      before I added more fog......

      Feel free to add to it!

      The full original: