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Looking for Corum.

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  • Looking for Corum.

    Mr. Moorcock,

    ...will we see another tale of Corum? My Corum books are worn from use. From posts that I've read, a great many readers would be excited by the return of Corum.

    Respectfully yours,

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    I too, was wondering what happened to Corum after The Quest for Tanelorn as well?
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      A new Corum tale!

      Dare we dream?
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        After the Quest for Tanelorn, didn't he go to his time in The Sword and the Stallion? Could be wrong, would be good to see a new Corum story anyway.

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          Sorry to disappoint you all, but, as Mike says in this post from this thread, it's unlikely to happen.
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            Thats about what I thought it seemed that the end of the Corum was The End Of Corum much the same as Hawkmoon's story wraps up pretty tight.


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              Thanks for posting that thread... disappointing though it is.

              I will continue to hope.

              I don't think there is a better scene than when Corum and Kwill confront the King of Swords.