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Mom And Dad Brock

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  • Mom And Dad Brock

    From Dave Brock (Hawkwind Founder):
    A short note to let you know what's been going on -

    Two days after my dads 100th birthday on January 6th my mum died aged 94. We've been looking after "the good old pair" for a few years.

    My dad moved in eventually passing away himself on September 1st. So musically I have not felt too inclined.

    Hopefully inspiration will come for Space Night in December. The boys in the band will rise to fly off into the galaxy taking you all with us on further adventures.


    Captain Brock
    No words....
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    Regrets ................

    An african wise man said that when an old peole die, it is a librairy who burns
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      Don't fully get it... they were your parents, Voilodian? In any case sounds beautiful despite the sadness of departure. What a life, impressing and highly respectable to enable the "good old pair" to be with you in dignity.
      I hope Life will yet thank you.
      Google ergo sum


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        The message is from Dave Brock (of Hawkwind) regarding the passing of his ma & pa.

        It's all the more sad because at the Hawkfest this year DB and family generously had a public wedding, allowing us to share their joy.
        What part of 'Get out of town, Freak' don't you understand?


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          I apologize for my vagueness L'E and Morgan.
          I edited the post to explain further.
          It is a sad time for Dave.
          The music is on hold.


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            Sad, and radiating warmth and dignity. I'm sure you can forward the sympathies that are/will be voiced here.
            Google ergo sum