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Death of James Brown

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  • David Mosley
    Eternal Administrator
    • Jul 2004
    • 11823

    Death of James Brown

    The Godfather of Soul has passed away.

    Soul star James Brown dies at 73

    Singer James Brown, known as the "Godfather of Soul", has died at the age of 73, his agent has said.

    He was admitted to hospital in Atlanta after being diagnosed with severe pneumonia but died at 0145 local time (0645 GMT), said Frank Copsidas.

    The star was famous for hits including I Got You (I Feel Good), Papa's Got a Brand New Bag and Living in America.

    "He is such an influence, I learned so much from him," Mr Copsidas told the BBC World Service.

    "On Friday he had his toy giveaway, which is his annual toy giveaway in Augusta, Georgia.

    "On Saturday, he went to his dentist up in Atlanta, and his dentist told him something was wrong, and he sent him to a doctor immediately."

    Gospel roots

    Brown was born in 1933 in South Carolina.

    He joined a gospel group as a young man after his release from jail for trying to steal a car.

    He had his first hit on the US rhythm and blues chart, Please Please Please, in 1956.

    Brown had 94 hits on Billboard's mainstream Hot 100 in the US, according to his official website, and by the end of his career, he had a total repertoire of 800 songs.

    However, he achieved only one top 10 single in the UK.

    This was Living in America, from the soundtrack of the Sylvester Stallone film Rocky IV, which reached number five in 1986.

    High-speed chase

    Two years later, however, Brown returned to prison, convicted of aggravated assault and failing to stop for a police officer.

    This followed a high-speed car chase through Georgia and South Carolina, which ended when police shot the tyres of his truck.

    The star was credited with spreading the popularity of funk around the world, influencing a new generation of black music which spawned rap and hip-hop.

    Brown, who had surgery for prostate cancer in 2004, appeared in London in October as part of the BBC's Electric Proms line-up.

    At the time, he described how he planned to carry on as a performer, saying: "Everyone's got soul, whether it's talking, hip-hop, rap, gospel.

    "We've gotta just stay with whatever we do.

    "I don't wanna change, because then I'd have to name myself Sam Smith or Ted Wright or somebody. I'm going to be James Brown."

    Last month Brown played at a ceremony at London's Alexandra Palace which saw his induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame, 20 years after entering the US equivalent.
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  • Typhoid_Mary
    Little Voice
    • Jun 2004
    • 541

    Very sad news.


    • voilodian ghagnasdiak
      Warrior On The Edge
      • Jun 2006
      • 2591

      I couldn't believe it when I read a newspaper article some 20 years back claiming that James Brown was addicted to PCP, and had been for years. It's a wonder that he survived as long as he did running such substances through his veins. It is a sad point in time when historical figureheads such as James B. pass on.


      • Mespheber
        Guardian of the Grail
        • Jun 2006
        • 411

        More than ever, this is a man's world...
        Free the West Memphis Three


        • Michael Moorcock
          Site Host
          • Dec 2003
          • 14278

          Bye bye mighty James Brown. Let's hope this is one time he gets up there before he gets down and
          Heaven's a four lane interstate with nothing in the way and not a cop in sight.

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