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Storm Constantine (1956-2021)

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  • Storm Constantine (1956-2021)

    Storm Constantine (1956-2021)

    She wrote Silverheart (2000) with Michael Moorcock. Her short fiction has been collected in Colurastes (1995), Three Heralds of the Storm (1997), The ...


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    Terrible news indeed, it seems that good writers are fast becoming a rare breed these days. My condolences to Storm Constantine's family and to Mike.
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      I have Silverheart but have never read it. Something I will need to correct.


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        Originally posted by Rothgo View Post
        I have Silverheart but have never read it. Something I will need to correct.
        Same here, I'm afraid. Just fetched my copy from the bedroom. This year, I really am going to read more books & spend less time fretting myself at the edges on the interweb.

        65, far too young.


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          Came as a bit of a shock. I first picked up Calenture in the cancelled books of a local library. Then later I picked up The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire in a bookshop, and was hooked. The Wraeththu trilogy's full of gallows humour. Silverheart's good - you'll enjoy it. I've also read her Grigori trilogy - it's not as good, imo, as the Wraeththu trilogy. But it's still got its very good moments - Stalking Tender Prey starts out very, very atmospheric, and continues in the same vein - I remember being a bit disappointed by Stealing Sacred Fire. But, YMMV.

          Still, ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi - The old net is retired, the new net goes fishing ... (to quote a Maori proverb that seems apt.)
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            Originally posted by Sir John Barbican Begg
            'A force to be reckoned with'– fantasy world pays tribute to Storm Constantine

            I mainly knew her through Silverheart, her 2000 novel collaboration with Michael Moorcock. I had written my first novel, Hinterland, and struggled to ...

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