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Murphy Anderson

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  • Murphy Anderson

    Murphy Anderson passed away last week. His distinctive inks graced the pencils of many of DC comics' Silver Age artists, most notably Gil Kane and Carmine Infantino, the beautiful Infantino/Anderson work on Adam Strange being my hands-down favourite work to come out of DC in the early 1960s. Though known primarily for his inks, Murphy was no mean penciller either and in that capacity is probably of most interest to readers here for the complete art he did on the first half of DC's short run John Carter of Mars adaptation in the 1970s (published in a collected edition by Dark Horse in 2011). A lifelong fan of Burroughs, this was a dream assignment for him, even though the character he'd really loved to have drawn was Tarzan.
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    And let's not forget his great contribution to improvements in comics colouring in the 80s.
    Having pretty much stopped drawing he continued his colour separating business and brought in an expanded range of tints.