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RIP Will Eisner (1917-2005)

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  • RIP Will Eisner (1917-2005)

    Just thought I'd pass on the sad news that Will Eisner, one of the true innovative giants of modern comic strip and graphic novel art, died on the 3rd January 2005, at the age of 87.

    From his work on The Spirit, through his E.C. Mad days, to the excellent graphic novels, like Dropsie Avenue, he will be much missed.


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    Well this is really sad, I really don't know what to say when something like this happens other then that he will be sorely missed. Words fail me. :(


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      Will Eisner (1917-2005)

      I dont know if everyone here knows who Will Eisner is, but he passed away this past Monday due to Complications during Heart Surgery. He was truly a pioneer in the comic book world, and in many peoples opinions the Originator of the Graphic Novel. Its a huge loss. If you havent read any of his stuff i Highly reccomend it. Check him out if you get a chance.


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        Yeah, sorry he's gone. But his Spirit lives on. Not the first producer of graphic novels when you think of the likes of Herge, but one of the pioneers in America.
        Also gone on the same day Cyril Fletcher (Odd Odes) and Humphrey Carpenter (Tolkien book, media hack). Bad time around now for the Big Sleep.

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          87 was a good age to reach and he's still got work in the pipeline:
          From Newsarama:

          And Eisner ' s final - and likely most controversial - graphic novel, The Plot, finished last summer, will be published this spring by W.W. Norton.


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            Eisner's obituary should be in today's Guardian, if all went to plan.

            I happened to meet up last night with Paul Gravett who wrote said obit, and from what Paul had discovered, Eisner’s last days were full of good news and optimism; the new book about to come out, a documentary about his life and work in late stages of planning, lots of good news about re-releases and foreign editions of his books…

            I was saddened to hear of his passing, but also pleased to hear that he went out like that. May we all be as lucky at the age of 87, or in our last days among the living, in our respective ways.


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              The Reaper has been working overtime, too. :( Legendary SF/fantasy artist (Frank) Kelly Freas has also been taken. He was getting on in years, but it's still saddening news.

              I once had to share a small area at a convention with Kelly and his wife Polly -- I was helping staff a dealer-table and they were right next to us on the corner...not enough room to swing a cat, let alone sling artwork or (in our case) swords....but we persevered and got along nicely.


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                Sorry to hear about Frear, I didn't realise how much of his excellent SF illustration work I'd seen, along the way, until I checked out some background on the Net. But, he'll be most remembered for his covers for Mad magazine and for his Alfred E. Neuman!


                There's a short, good natured, video interview with Will Eisner, made around November last year, at the end of the Dutch TV arts program, R.A.M. available in a variety of formats on the right hand side 'Video' link on the page linked below:

                Will Eisner Link: R.A.M. 9 januari 2005

                The Will Eisner interview is about 38min 55sec into the programme and it's in English with Dutch subtitiles.


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                  I love the Spirit, those comics were fun reads. A great artist; surely will be missed :(


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                    I know this is an old post, but I just saw it and had to comment. I didn't know that Eisner had died in January. He was a big influence on me. It seems all the old guard are leaving us: John Buscema, Gil Kane and now Will Eisner.. :(
                    ..he weeps with the wonder of suddenly recollected innocence, of something he believed lost as everything else is lost to him and which makes him believe, if only for this moment, that what he has lost might be, perhaps, restored.