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Leo Dillon, 1933-2012

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  • Leo Dillon, 1933-2012

    Originally posted by
    Illustration has lost another giant. Leo Dillon, husband and life-long collaborator of Diane Dillon, passed away on May 26th...


    They may, however, be better known to readers for having put a face to the New Wave of sf/f fiction in the 60s and 70s. The Dillons created many covers for Harlan Ellison and for the Ace Specials under Terry Carr. Their association with science fiction remained strong throughout their career and garnered them both a Hugo and a Spectrum Grand Masters medal.
    (Those Ace specials include The Black Corridor)

    I couldn't put any work to Leo and Diane's name until John Coulthart pointed out that they'd produced the woodcut illos for the Dangerous Visions anthology, edited by Harlan Ellison. I'd always liked the illos, but lazily hadn't given much thought to the artist(s).

    There's a blog showcasing some of their work here, and Tor's full obituary is here.

    RIP, and condolences to Diane and the couple's family and friends.
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    Triste nouvelle

    Sad new, Rest in peace.