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Audio CD'S Good To Go

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  • Audio CD'S Good To Go

    Hello to everyone out there in the multiuniverse. First off, I would like to thank Mr. Moorcock on a wonderful job on the audio CD. It was very well done with emotion,intensity and background music to fit the mood of the story. I especially liked the arrogance and cockiness of Yrkoon and the troubled Elric and his brooding.

    I first picked up the CD so that my fiance could listen to the story, as Elric is so much more complex and darker than most fantasy. Safe to say,she will now see the movie!

    On the other hand, I did see Paul Bettany in "A Knight's Tale", and I think he would be fabulous as Elric.

    As it was a Harry Potter weekend, I went to see this movie, after my fiance and I listened to that audio CD. I was discouraged because the movie left out important plot twists, which would confuse you unless you read the book.Can "Elric The Movie" suffer the same fate?

    So Michael I have few questions:
    1.How much money is allocated to the production?(considering King Strassa and his ship alone,the special effects would have to be good).

    2.Could you possibly cast Paul as Elric, Jude Law as Yrkoon, Johnny Depp as Arioch?
    3.Would you use Albion Armorers for Stormbringer and Mournblade?(P.S.they made Arnold's sword for Conan)

    4.How is the screenplay coming and possible movie timeline?

    5.Last, my fiance wants to know: when is the next audiobook on Elric coming out?

    Good luck,Michael.I personally will be loaning out the audiobook to a few new inducted Elric fans.

    Take care, Avid Elric Fan.

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    Yes, I think it's a great CD. AudioRealms are now working on the second book.
    The movie will be a big budget movie, with plenty of money for effects. However, Chris and I have talked this over and we don't want to have empty effects for their own sake. The movie will be able to do all that is necessary to show the dragons, Melnibone, golden battle barges, Ship which Sails over Land and Sea and so forth, but Elric will be the main focus, and his relationship to the Black Sword.
    Casting will depend on which actors are available and what they think of the script.
    The script is moving along. I'll be going to LA at the end of the month to talk about it.
    No timeline yet, but we all want to get going on it as soon as possible.
    If all goes well, we should have it out for Christmas 2005, but that isn't a promise. You know how things go in the movie world.
    I love the Raven Armory sword and would hope we'll use that as the
    sword in the movie. We are, however, going to want a special design to run through the whole movie and I'm looking more towards Mayan
    culture rather than European. I'm a little tired of Celts and Saxons in the movies and while I collect art nouveau myself, I don't think I could stand another bit of Knox-influenced armour or doo dad!
    Can't say when the next AudioBook will be out, but I'll be doing a special intro for that, probably in September.

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      Mayan design. Interesting choice!
      Wow! Got my wheels chrunin' Mike!
      \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
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        Mayan! What would Burroughs have said!!!

        Michael are you a Venusian Agent?

        I knew it!