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  • misanthropos Journal of Fiction

    Mr. Moorcock,

    Having read your work for many years, I've a
    keen appreciation for your writing and mental "ethic".

    I have recently taken on the role of Editor with
    'misanthropos Journal of Fiction'. It is a quality,
    250 page journal of short fiction.

    The theme is as the title implies: misanthropy.
    However, the guidelines are rather open. I am
    accepting all manner of styles, genres and topics,
    as long as the tales stick to the theme.

    It is my sincere hope you may desire to contribute
    a new story to the magazine. Humbly, I must
    stress that this magazine is being published out
    of love for short fiction, and as such, will not
    be able to pay contributors. One issue will be
    sent to each contributor, however.

    The first issue will be published December 2005. This
    allows plenty of time to review submissions, submit
    the magazine listing to market listings, and promote
    the sale of the magazine through the various channels.

    I look forward to your response, and hope you take
    your time in making it. You may submit your tale if
    you decide to do so as late as June 2005.

    Additionally, not to make the board feel left out,
    I encourage all writers to consider misanthropos for
    their tales.

    Thank you,

    Christian Avery Bryant
    Editor, misanthropos
    Journal of Fiction
    [email protected]

    Active Member of the
    Horror Writers Association

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    Thanks. I feel very flattered. However, I can't at this moment commit to any further work, being somewhat behind on work I have promised and also involved in the Elric movie. But keep in touch, please, and I'll
    hope to be out of the wood and ready to do something for your second issue.
    All very best wishes for your success!

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      That might be something right up my alley!
      \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
      Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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        Thank you.

        Mr. Moorcock,

        I thoroughly understand and thank you for your reply. And, no doubt,
        I will take you up on that possibility for the second issue.

        Humble thanks, again.

        Mr. Jerico,

        Please feel free to submit to:

        [email protected]

        Issue #1 may come sooner than I anticipated due to the large number of submissions.

        I thank you for your patience. Normally I would not post blindly to a board but, I suspected this was the right crowd. If I step on any toes, please let me know and I will take a step back.

        I do thank you.


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          Um... I realize this is probably a silly question, but would you be needing any illustrations at all? Obviously there are very good reasons to avoid using pictures when you're laying out a magazine, but if you did need anything to break up the text, then there are pens poised at the ready.

          Thank you.

          "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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            Rather not Detract from Mr. Moorcock, so...

            Out of respect to Mr. Moorcock, as this is his forum, let me take the
            misanthropos discussion off-line.

            If anyone is interested in querying me about the Journal, please

            [email protected]com

            That's the best place to talk about the work.

            Now, about that Elric movie! When and who?!? I pray they do
            Mr. Moorcock (and Elric) the justice that was given to Mr. Tolkien's
            "Lord of the Rings"!


            Christian Avery Bryant


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              Misanthropos Journal Domain Name Change

              I apologize for the inconvenience, but I
              have had to change the name of the domain
              that the Misanthropos Journal of Fiction
              is hosted under. Although Misanthropos is
              a unique magazine name, and registered
              with the United States Copyright Office
              (ISSN 1551-0778), a similarly named website
              has asked to purchase the domain for

              Since I am fairly flexible when it comes
              to such matters, and the Journal has not
              yet gone to press, I decided to acquiese
              early on. I hope this does not cause undue
              problems, and thank you for your patience.

              The site will be updated by the end of the
              month with guidelines and additional info,
              so I do appreciate your patience.

              Guidelines for the Journal are currently
              at Spicy Green Iguana:


              I have only just updated them, so the contact
              information may take a day or two to appear.
              Use the contact info here if you need to update
              me for any reason.

              Those of you who are keeping my contact
              information, the following has been updated:

              Phone: +1 (310) 994-1715
              E-mail: [email protected]

              These are my sole contact points, currently.

              Once again, thank you for your patience, and
              I thank you, Mr. Moorcock for yours. I do hope
              some time in the future to work with you.