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    What is the sorceress's name..... its been a while scince i read the books, i think she had her own special army too

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    which witch is which?

    asuming you are refering to the elric series?

    do you refer to Myshella, the dark lady?

    oona von Bek might be construed as a sorceress, from a certain point of view

    queen yishana had affairs with both elric and theleb k'aarna, but i don't recall her being magical/mystical, just maniuplative

    and then of course there is yrkoon's sister, cymoril, elric's cousin/consort who dabbled in sorcery

    zarazonia, princess of karlaak, was royalty but not magical to my recollection

    so many women, so little time...


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      Too bad Elric had to follow Theleb!
      "But I'm tryin', Ringo, I'm trying real hard to be the shepard."


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        O_o Poor Elric . . .

        Unless of course you look at it as 'saving the best for last . . . '
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