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Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Hi. I've already talked to Mike Butterworth about this and I believe he's passed the information on. I'll be happy to discuss this further and will contact you soon. Bit swamped at present, trying to catch up on backlog.

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    Guest started a topic Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence

    Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence

    Hi there,
    This is a message both to mr Moorcock personally aswell as to the readers of this forum. I represent a publishing company in The Netherlands, that has been associated with the work of Don Lawrence for nearly 25 years. We have published in our Don Lawrence Collection all of the stories of Karl The Viking and Maroc The Mighty, that were written by mr Moorcock. During the last three years we published Storm The Collection, and work has now started on The Trigan Empire Collection with all the stories written by Mike Butterworth and art by Don Lawrence.
    Unfortunately we know very little about Mike Butterworth, so we hope you will help us assemble this information. From the information we do have, we gathered that there was a strong relationship between Mike Butterworth and mr Moorcock.
    Furthermore, we would be very pleased to learn more about mr Moorcock's involvement with the comic strips he wrote for Don Lawrence. Apparently, mr Moorcock has also been approached by the Dutch publisher Oberon to write Don Lawrence's new comic strip Storm back in the seventies. When I read about the scripts of Vengeance of Rome I wondered whether this had something to do with it.
    Dear mr Moorcock, dear readers of this forum. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated. My e-mailadress is [email protected]
    Thank you very much and take care.
    Meerten Welleman
    Don Lawrence Collection