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Online Store?

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Probably the cheapest option would be to pick up the UK mass market paperback omnibuses second hand via Amazon UK. But there are also lots of cheap paperbacks online, too. That book club Elric omnibus, if that's what you have, doesn't collect as much as the first general sale omnibus, but again it shouldn't cost a lot to get a paperback online to fill out the set. Somewhere the individual contents are listed, I know. John
    Davey's bibliography, of course, is the best source for all the various

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  • PsychicWarVeteran
    Greetings Durik Lakmor! We were just talking about finding Elric books the other day (it comes up from time to time). Go here to see the most recent thread:

    [broken link]
    [link expired]
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    Guest started a topic Online Store?

    Online Store?

    Is there any online store that I could buy all/most of the books?

    I picked up Elric Saga Part 1, my old high school library was giving away books and my little sister grabbed it for me and I loved it :), just feeling a dire need to read the rest.