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Who do you support politically these days?

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  • Michael Moorcock
    I'm currently supporting Kucenich. Might as well keep supporting the guy who represents my principles most. That's in the US. In the UK, I'm not sure. There seems nobody who represents what I want there. I would probably do what a lot of people are currently considering doing and reluctantly continue to vote Labour, in the hope the backbenchers will
    continue to be the 'conscience' of the party.
    I also weep for Spain, but I think the last election was a victory for democracy.
    Al Quieda is no longer an organisation. It is an idea. And that is pretty much impossible to fight with armies and guns. What we need at the moment are better ideas. It would also help if we could stop making
    plastique so that they would stop getting hold of it. It wouldn't stop the outrages, but it would make it harder. At this rate, however, the fearful aggressive types are going to send us all to kingdom come between them. Once again the few are treading a road which will destroy the many. You don't even need world wars to do it, these days.

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    Guest started a topic Who do you support politically these days?

    Who do you support politically these days?

    I'm very curious about what's going on locally. Has Texas lost its charm? If you were in The UK, who would you support? What about the astounding attacks by Al Qeideta? I weep for Spain.