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Which EC will you miss the most?

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  • Which EC will you miss the most?

    In an earlier topic, MM himself declared that there likely won't be any more Eternal Champion novels after the latest trilogy concludes.

    Which Eternal Champion's lack of future tales will you miss the most?

    If Mr. Moorcock reads this, if you were guaranteed to live to 120, which Eternal Champion incarnation would you be most likely to revisit?

    Hawkmoon and his companions will be the most missed by me, with Corum running a close second.


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    I, for one, will most likely miss Corum. Possibly because the image I'd potrayed of him was that of something unspeakably cool. Which raises another question, I wonder how greatly our visions of each character differentiate from one another. :? I reckon the closest rendition of Corum to my own is that of the Japanese model pictured on this very site.
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      They are all cool exept for corneliuss hes a bit sick for my taste.


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        The first MM I read was Corum, and I remember the
        sick feeling I got in my stomach when Corum died at the end.
        Then~ I read more EC and it all made sense.

        I guess these things run there course,
        and sometimes new playing fields open.

        was it five fingers and a thumb? or just six fingers?


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          Definitely Elric.

          Just can't get too much of that messed-up albino.
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            Well, I'd like to put a good word in for Oswald Bastable. Aside from his unsettling tendency to attract mushroom clouds (which would make him rather an unnerving guest at dinner parties) I greatly enjoyed his adventures... even the third volume, which everyone (including the author) appears rather down on. It wasn't the high point of the series, perhaps, but even Mr. M's low points are smarter than the average.

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              Although Elric was an awsome example of a shrinks dream, I would have to go with Dorian Hawkmoon. I don't know why more people talk about him more :?


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                No, the EC I'm going to weep most over in the interminable watches of the night will definitly be Von Bek. He, in my humble and no doubt deluded mind is most probably the sometime Albino, sometime servant of Hell, opponent of Klosterheim, sometime merecenary, revolutionary, foe of Gaynor the damned, part-time embodiment of Elric, traveller of the Second Ether (At leat, a female version) lovr of witches, pilot, sardonic (That word again!) dude with the Holy Grail, I mean, come on. God sent the entire cast of Monty Python looking for that, only for Von Bek to find it! Cool or what. God bless his small swords and eath dealing foes.