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Comics in Europe?

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  • Comics in Europe?

    Hi Mike!

    I've been trying to find some of the comics of Elric here in Sweden.
    so i could Finally show my friends here how fantastic the Elric saga is. Otherwise i feel the magic would be lost in some way (Please!!!!!) Help me with this.
    I know many people don't understand The 'Elric Saga' here in sweden. And it could definitely help you as the authour to get some room, so to speak.

    So? Who should i turn too? People in the UK or In the US? It would help me and alot more fans of dark fantasy fans if it was more accessible.

    Please help me with this!
    If u know who has comics in their possession to send to me. I'll gladly pay overprice if such circumstances where to emerge!

    / Jonas & co!

    I definitely want to show my friends

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    Most of the comics are pretty hard to come by, these days, especially in their 'album' forms (i.e. collected together in series). John Davey might be able to help you with some material. It's ironic that Sweden should be a place which is now in the situation you describe, since I used to have very close contacts with Sweden and, as you know, lived there for a while. I even appeared on a Swedish TV documentary about airships, in which I insisted airships had survived and heavier than air craft had failed to make it as major passenger carriers... If you can let me have an email address I might be able to help you with one or two spares, but it's a long time since I had many copies left.

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      You can get the Elric comics off of eBay.
      They are on there all the time! At affordable prices,
      be they
      Graphic novel format (collected) or otherwise. :)
      That wouldn't be a "paying Mike right now" kind of
      thing though. :(
      But some of the auctions on eBay are placed by
      so I guess it is "paying Mike now" in some cases.
      The newest Elric comics that are not "out of print"
      is Stormbringer by P. Craig Russel (yes, Mike?) by
      Topps/ Dark Horse (I believe) and DC's
      Michael Moorcock's Multiverse (Although not entirely about Elric).
      So those should
      be easier to find. And don't forget to look out
      for the new one "Making of a Sorcerer." I don't
      know the estimated release date yet.
      I believe is a good place to check also.
      (I have no idea how the US dollar compares to Swedish currency
      and how much it costs to ship things to
      Sweden though, so maybe I speak in ignorance?)


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        Sure thing Mike! :)

        [email protected]

        Name your price! :)
        Tell me which ones are available.
        It would be fun to have them autographed also if that could be arranged!

        I'm also having luck with gathering material for the homepage i mentioned. About collecting music samples from groups influenced by your work. My friends were glad to help out on such a thing. And i'm finding more and more groups in the process. :)

        Yes i know.. It's quite strange the whole situation here in sweden.
        I remember a friend who went to a used bookshop in Gأ¤vle. And found a whole nest of your books (in english) by an older publisher 'Mayflower' i think? Seems to have been a wave here of fantasy/sci-fi during the sixties and seventies. But i don't know much about that though?
        Maybe connected with the hippies i guess.