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Sweden and the translations!?..

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  • Theocrat
    Lars Helander.. Yeah.. The guy who works at the Culture Department (I think it translates to that ;)) on our SVT Channels.

    Yes.. Alotta swedes do know english since we are tought it at a somewhat early age.. But many don't read books in that language. Many (and i say many) read their books in swedish. I know of only one or two friends who read english versions of books (excluding myself, since i lived in singapore as a kid). Since the Tolkien boom, the fantasy sections in book stores have germinated as well as expanded in size. But with the Tolkien-craze comes an anti-tolkien-esque demand in fantasy or litterature in the opposite spectrum of the genre. George RR Martin is an authour thats coming into the limelight as such an authour (haven't read anything of his yet though). But his work seems character driven and involves more blurring of the Black and White morals of wrong and right. Which seems to more into your arena then the fairytale world of litterature.

    I'm wondering if i should ask some names in the publishing business in sweden and pass them on to you, or your agent for consideration?
    But i don't wanna go over my head here though. And i definetely wouldn't wanna push you in the process. :)

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Yes, I spent a lot of time in Sweden when I was young and travelled past Kiruna, climbed Portafjelet and wandered into Finland, too. I was based mostly in Upsala. I had a very good old friend there, who I'm still in touch with, called Lars Helander, a TV director (who did a great pseudo-documentary on airships in which it was assumed airships had become the dominant form of air travel). I'm aware of those Target books, but unfortunately never got to see any. I don't know why my books aren't available in decent Swedish translations. Possibly my agent doesn't have a decent contact there. It used to be assumed that the Swedish market for English books was small, because so many Swedes could read English. From what you say, that has changed. I'm disappointed, I must say, that my books aren't available in decent translations, especially since they have, among others, Latvian and Russian

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  • Theocrat
    started a topic Sweden and the translations!?..

    Sweden and the translations!?..

    Hi Mike!

    I was wondering if i should point out to you about the Swedish translations of the Elric saga of which there are only a few available or out of print. Everyone i've talked to about these books had gotten a somewhat askew interpretation of the story.. I read parts of the swedish translation and got the same notion they where hinting at. They seem very poorly translated and your writing-style is badly expressed in the conversion process. The Publishing Company that did the translation was 'Target Games AB', which where the makers of Roleplaying Games in sweden. This left readers with faulty impressions that these books where games. Or part of the gaming industry in some way.
    I do think they are now out-of-print. Since the company seems to have dissolved. But otherwise there are no translations of your works up here.
    And there is a 'Fantasy-Boom' here in scandinavia, and i feel it would be ashamed if you where left out in the process, as well as the many other authours like Leiber, Howard, et al. Which where also translated by the same house.

    I also found 'An Alien Heat' in the library. It seems a better translation done by a better publishing house. But i dont know if it's still in print?

    BTW!? What drove you into traveling to Sweden in the past. I read that you where walking around in Kiruna? And played music in some places?

    Ha det sأ¥ trevligt! :)