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Any intro'd to your writing through non-fantasy?

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  • Marca
    For what it's worth I was introduced to MM's work via the Cornelius books. I was in my mid-teens in the late 70s and just getting interested in music, then I came across the UK Fontana editions of the Cornelius books and since these had references to 60s/70s music and looked intriguing I ended up buying them. Tried reading them but I just couldn't get into them at all at that age - they weren't like any fiction I'd read before.

    I was sufficiently interested to try other books though - I read Shores of Death, Winds Of Limbo and Black Corridor while on holiday one year and was hooked. With the exception of the Elrics I tend to regard the hastily written 60s/70s fantasy books as the least of Michael's work. They're well written for what they are and I like them for some of the humour and the in jokes (hence my username) but find it hard to take them too seriously. I hope Michael agrees...

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Yes. Mother London is probably a lot better known in the UK and quite a few readers started with that or the Pyat or Cornelius books. In the US
    my literary fiction has never been as well published, though most of it has had an edition or two. For quite a while in the UK, before my fantasy started appearing regularly in hardback, a lot of people didn't know I wrote heroic fantasy at all. A lot of people didn't know of New Worlds' sf origins, for instance.

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    Guest started a topic Any intro'd to your writing through non-fantasy?

    Any intro'd to your writing through non-fantasy?

    Howdy Mr. Moorcock,
    Like many others, the first writing of yours that I read were the Elric stories (in the early '80s, a set of six from Daw with the fantastic M. Whelan covers). Moved on to Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose, and recently got back in with Von Bek and Jerry.
    I recently got copies of the first two Pyat books, and look forward to diggin' in.
    Which got me to wonder, do you ever hear from readers whose first exposure to your work is through Pyat, or perhaps Mother London & King of the City, and then express surprise to learn that you have written dozens of fantasy books?