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ALIA 4 - Preview

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  • ALIA 4 - Preview

    Dear Mike, we are proud to say you that:
    ALIA 2007 is arriving as a Storm, as the Legion of the Dawn, as a Vibrogun, as a Banning...
    You can see here a preview:

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    Alia 4(x 3): comunicato stampa

    Dopo un lungo lavoro di preparazione esce la quarta edizione di Alia, l’arcipelago del fantastico, in tre volumi per complessive seicento pagine.

    Raccoglie sette illustratori (quattro giapponesi e tre italiani) e ventisei autori contemporanei e viventi (dieci italiani, otto giapponesi, otto di lingua inglese), con altrettanti racconti inediti e mai tradotti in italiano, offrendo ai lettori un panorama ampio, complesso e articolato del fantastico contemporaneo in tre diversi continenti e importanti aree linguistiche.

    Alia 4 (x 3) è il logico sbocco del lavoro condotto nelle tre edizioni precedenti e siamo convinti susciterà l'interesse – e forse anche un po’ di stima e affetto, perché no? – dei lettori che hanno finora seguito il nostro progetto.

    Buone letture!

    Staff di Alia 4(x3)

    Silvia Treves, Massimo Citi, Marina Schembri, Marco Email

    Massimo Soumaré (cur. e trad. sez. giapponese), Davide Mana (cur. e trad. sez. lingua inglese), Vittorio Catani (cur. sez. italiana).


    Terada Katsuya, Fujiwara Yûri, Kanai Ryô, Ueda Ake, Chiara Negrini, «MoMa Kon» Bioletti, Dalmazio Frau

    Autori di Alia Italia:

    Arona, Catani, Citi, Defilippi, Giorgi, Lanza, Lastrucci, Mana, Soumaré, Treves

    Autori di Alia Giappone:

    Asagure, Asamatsu, Komatsu, Konaka, Kurimoto, Minagawa, Miyabe, Tsuhara

    Autori di Alia Anglosfera:

    Brin, Detwiller, Doctorow, Hopkinson, Moorcock, Roberson, Stross, Williams

    Info e contatti: [email protected]

    Ordini presso: [email protected]; [email protected]



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      Thank you Mike! We are very proud of this issue...

      - Dalmatius -

      "I'm forbidden to reign, but I'll never yield before the facts: I am the Cat"


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        Yes, Alia 4 is great.

        And for anyone having problems with the Italian language, here's a rundown of the thing... (titles translated - or left in the original - for the sake of comprehension)

        Alia 4
        Cover art - Terada Katsuya
        Foreword by Silvia Treves

        Italian Section - edited and with an introduction by Vittorio Catani
        Danilo Arona - Dagida
        Vittorio Catani - A Short Stop in Antartica
        Massimo Citi - Ola & Olb
        Alessandro Defilippi - Violet
        Mario Giorgi - Pater
        Consolata Lanza - Alexander the Great Lives and Reigns (art by Chiara Negrini)
        Fabio Lastrucci - The G Paradox
        Davide Mana - The Years of Thunder (art by Dalmazio Frau)
        Massimo Soumarè - The Northern Dream (art by Massimo Soumaré)
        Silvia Treves - Anxiolitic (art by MoMaKoN)

        Anglosphere section - edited and with an introduction by Davide Mana
        David Brin - Lungfish
        Dennis Detwiller - Drowning in Sand
        Cory Doctorow - Craphound (art by MoMaKoN)
        Nalo Hopkinson - The Glass Bottle Trick
        Michael Moorcock - The Greater Conqueror (art by Dalmazio Frau)
        Chris Roberson - Red Hands, Black Hands
        Charles Stross - Lobsters
        Walter Jon Williams - Daddy's World (art by Chiara Negrini)

        Japanese section - edited and with an introduction by Massimo Soumaré
        Asagure Mitsufumi - Faraway
        Asamatsu Ken - The Purple and Crimson Extasy (art by Kanai Ryo)
        Komatsu Sakyo - Out of the mosquito net - a variation on a theme of Onaoshi
        Konaka J. Chiaki - The Source of the Foundamental Fear
        Kurimoto Kaoru - Reminiscences
        Minagawa Hiroko - Exhile
        Miyabe Miyuki - Two Forever (art by Ueda Ake)
        Tsuhara Yasumi - Disassembling the Angel (art by Fujiwara Yuri)

        I add a short note as translator and editor of the English-language section of the book - each and every contributor's piece was a joy to translate.
        Nobody's tougher than Charles Stross, nobody's subtler than W.J. Williams, nobody's creepier than Dennis Detwiller.

        This said, translating "The Greater Conqueror" was like taking a vacation.
        No need for dictionaries, no need for revisions - the prose started flowing and kept going, and then the thing stood, perfect, after two nights of work.
        And that, I think, is a measure of greatness.

        And here I better stop this rant and go back to work!

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