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an old Geordie says "Ta" to a old Cockney.

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  • Michael Moorcock
    In some ways Dancers is even harder for the poor lads. Of course there's always been a Geordie/Cockney connection for me, since my long-time partner in crime, Jim Cawthorn, comes from your neck of the woods. Just as Jimmy Carter claimed for his family, too, as I recall.
    And Jim Callaghan. I wonder what other JC-s emerged from the Tyne ?
    Makes yer fink. :D

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  • Geordie
    started a topic an old Geordie says "Ta" to a old Cockney.

    an old Geordie says "Ta" to a old Cockney.

    For the "Dancers at the End of Time" books.

    I first read them in the mid seventies and have just re-read them yet again. When any of my pals makes a comment along the lines of "Science Fantasy is a load of bollocks" I lend them Dancers and hope they will stop betting on the horses, put down Dick Francis and give your fantasy a fair crack of the whip. They never do.

    Anyway Mike I loved them.

    Thanks a lot and all the best.