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M. John Harrison on the radio

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  • M. John Harrison on the radio

    Happened to catch this by chance today; M. John Harrison on a Radio 4 program called Open Book talking about climbing and his book Climbers.

    It was the last item on the program, about 3/4 of the way through I would guess.

    there is a Listen Again link here:

    It will only be open for one week, then the next program occupies the same URL. Careful, it will be Martin Amis talking about his dad's books. Could be a nasty surprise!

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    Thanks, Guy. I'm a fan of Harrison's. Climbers is sure to confound people who have only read the Pastel City.


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      Today (19th Nov) the Amis epiosde will air, but it looks as if you can still "Laiten Again" by clicking on the Nov 12th date on the list below the "Listen Again" box, and clicking on "Listen in Full" on the next page. Well done, Beeb!

      Try this link, should work: