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The Dreaming City:  A Sixtieth Anniversary Edition

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  • Rothgo
    Champion of the Unbalanced
    • Aug 2006
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    News: The Dreaming City:  A Sixtieth Anniversary Edition

    Posting on behalf of John:

    Dear all,

    Jayde Design proudly presents The Dreaming City: A Sixtieth Anniversary Edition by Michael Moorcock.

    In June 1961, Science Fantasy magazine published ‘The Dreaming City’, the very first appearance of Elric of Melniboné, Michael Moorcock’s most enduring character. At the time, Moorcock was just twenty-one years old, but had already been involved in professional publishing for at least four years.

    Fantasy fiction was in its infancy. Even by the mid-1970s, in the U.K. it was limited pretty much to Moorcock’s works and Tolkien’s tales of Middle-earth. The time of vast, multi-volume, aeon-spanning epics was still mostly a thing of the future.

    The early Elric stories can be seen as the peerless progenitors of what was to follow.

    There is something timelessly appealing about the visceral energy — the raw, youthful exuberance — of those first stories and the time in which they were written, when Elric’s creator and a tiny handful of other like-minded experimenters began moulding a brand-new genre from the stuff of legend.

    It is a pleasure to publish this new and revised version of ‘The Dreaming City’ in the year of Elric’s sixtieth anniversary.

    Due to be published on 6th December, 2021, as a 48-page trade-sized paperback with a brand-new foreword by Moorcock, illustrations by James Cawthorn, Kris Guidio and Walter Simonson, and an afterword by John Davey.

    For further details, plus a link to pre-order copies, please see here:

    Thanks & best.

  • EverKing
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    • Jan 2004
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    Convenient timing. The Mrs. was just asking me for Christmas gift ideas...
    "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
    --Thomas a Kempis


    • lemec
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      • Jul 2005
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      The Dreaming City: A Sixtieth Anniversary Edition by Michael Moorcock.

      The Dreaming City by Michael Moorcock.jpg

      "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
      - Michael Moorcock