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Skyrim mod, Elric...

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  • Skyrim mod, Elric...

    My wife and I have been making an Elric inspired mod for skyrim, going so far as to learn 3d and scripting to do it. I made Stormbringer and mournblade already for players to find, and were working on a quest to aid a version of Elric, Cymoril and Oona face Yrkoon in the cavern from book 1. Alternate versions and timelines where cymoril is the champion...
    were trying very hard to do justice to characters that mean so much to us. Would love any input or personality insights so they can truly be made properly.
    Personally, I'm hoping the people who play it who only know of the imitators will then learn more and discover your work.
    Not to be rude, but its utter crap that the other white wolf is getting press when Elric made so much possible, and I'd like to correct that in this small way.

    You can see what we've done on nexusmods under the search, Stormbringer twins.

    I hope you see it and like it, as it's the best way I can say
    Thank You, Michael, for so many amazing tales.

    All the best,
    Christopher L.
    [email protected]

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    We live right in NJ, next time you're near philly, I'll buy you a burger!
    I used to be friends with Harry Harrison before he passed away, and dont know if you knew, but he loved your work.