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COVID-19 and Hunger

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  • News: COVID-19 and Hunger

    From a friend of The Miscellany:

    My MS friend has no work, a shitty vehicle and received $9...yes you saw that right: NINE unemployment last week. She never got a stimulus payment and has been told she MIGHT get it before the end of the year. The food stamp office in her town is CLOSED. There is NO FOOD BANK. And even the churches that WERE giving out a few vegetables have stopped. People all around her are being evicted from their homes in spite of the National non-eviction policy. We are doing our best to keep her from losing hers.

    If you would like to contribute to these MS families, please do so here. All donated funds will go to our friend, her daughter & her two children. If it becomes more than she needs, she will distribute it to others in her community. Someone has to HELP these people who are receiving NO help from our federal govt or their state govt. It is up to those of us more fortunate.
    Here's the GoFundMe link:
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    Just a follow up. This is a sample of what is starting to happen in America, and I find it absolutely terrifying.

    These people will be so grateful. What I didn’t put in the campaign was that the local stores have raised all their prices. A pound of hamburger was $18 in one store, and a bottle of ordinary cooking oil was $5.00. Just shameful to kick people like that when they are already down.
    Price gouging may be in everyone's future if we continue on like this.
    Infinite complexity according to simple rules.