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Elric, Nazis, Kitsch, Von Bek

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  • Elric, Nazis, Kitsch, Von Bek

    Hello folks and fen ... I'm looking for your help in identifying a passage that I thought was from the Dreamthief's Daughter, but can't find it. It was, I thought, an extensive discourse by Von Bek about the rise of the Third Reich through its use of kitsch to appeal to popular prejudices within the German population; in particular, there was the use by the Nazis of ethnocentric kitsch in which Jews were depicted as threats to "apple-cheeked" children of wholesome Bavarian families. But, upon searching the text of that book, I'm unable to find the keywords or passages. Did I imagine this? Read it somewhere else? Any advice or referrals are most welcome!

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    Sounds like one of the Pyat books to me. But it's not like I've never pulled the wool over my own eyes before, so I'm in a state of slackless uncertainty.


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      Yeah, Hitler isn’t really mentioned until about halfway thru Jerusalem Commands. It sounds like the second hand off that book maybe? Around the time Kolya rescues Max from “God” he really waxes poetic on Anubis and begins to foreshadow the rise of the Nazis.

      i dunno. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
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        Originally posted by J-Sun View Post
        Around the time Kolya rescues Max from “God” he really waxes poetic on Anubis and begins to foreshadow the rise of the Nazis.
        Ah, the 'God' of Jerusalem Commands; that one i do remember : aka Al- Habashiya - a psychopath so evil that at the time i first read the novel i suspected that 'she' might just as well be possessed by the spirit of Xiombarg! (😱)

        Sad to say it Bookbinder but my memory is far from what it once was. It does seem to me though that the paragraph you seek might possibly be found in The Vengeance of Rome if it is not actually in The Dreamthief''s Daughter...just a loose hunch mind you.

        I really should track down and read all of those later Elric books when i can find both them and the time...
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