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Any thoughts on a Folio Society editions?

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  • Any thoughts on a Folio Society editions?

    I just missed out on a copy of Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles which had an introduction by Michael Moorcock (I bought The Illustrated Man instead).

    They publish a decent range of illustrated Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, beautiful volumes - that are not cheap.

    Iw as wondering if there was any prospect of some of Michael Moorcock's works appearing. If so, which ones would folk like to see?

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    Hawkmoon would be my choice for new 'fancy' editions, particularly if the TV series truly gets going.
    Lots of room for artistic interpretation of the Dark Empire's masks and machines.


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      Well, they'e done the GoT ones, and The Handmaid's Tale - on the back of the TV series. Hawkmoon would look nice.

      For J G Ballard they did some of his Science Fiction and Autobiographical work.

      So, Hawkmoon and Mother London maybe?