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Removal of VAT on eBooks in the UK

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  • News: Removal of VAT on eBooks in the UK

    Link here:

    Will the removal of VAT on eBooks make for a resurgence in that market?

    The associated market of eReaders has looked to be a dead-tech for a few years now for two reasons: no need to upgrade old devices that work perfectly well, and the perception of high cost of eBooks themselves.

    There have been a few questions on Facebook re. Mike's eBook availability which this likely won't effect (as they were mainly USA based), but ripples do travel.

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    I have a Kindle, which I use when travelling. It is very handy. However, quite often the e-book is more expensive than the paperback, and with 2nd hand books readily available through e-bay, Abe and our well stocked Oxfam, I must admit I have not bought as many e-books in the last couple of years as I did in the first couple of years. Poetry just looks wrong on an e-reader.

    Gutenberg has been awfully handy too.

    The removal of VAT may inspire more purchases, if it makes e-books cheaper.


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      The Chaos Twins each had eReaders and Kindles but never really used them so I inherited them . I did use them for a while but being the old fashioned type , I prefer to have the proper book in my hands so they haven't been used for some time . VAT on any book is so unfair , you would think to encourage literacy and knowledge governments would see sense instead of cash , they have IVA on books here in Spain .

      , [Ok Emerson ...oot the motor !!!!