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Your Miscellany Reading Habits

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  • Reinart der Fuchs
    Mr. The Fox
    • May 2006
    • 4708

    Your Miscellany Reading Habits

    I always see a lot of visitors, but not all of you post when you are on, so I'm left to assume that you are reading without replying. That's not a problem, of course. What are your habits, if you don't mind sharing?

    If the poll doesn't capture your habits, would you mind elaborating?
    I read new posts.
    I read with the intent to reply.
    I am reading a lot of those old threads.
    I read only threads that Michael Moorcock is replying to.
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  • EverKing
    Eternal Companion
    • Jan 2004
    • 976

    I generally browse whatever catches my or old. Obviously, I take the time read virtually every thread Mike has been part of. Currently, I'm reading alot of old threads to get back in the swing of things around here. Most often, I do not have any intent to reply; reading, instead, just to see what is going on or what is being said. When I feel I can add something I will post a reply...otherwise, I'll be pretty quiet.

    ..So...all of the above?
    "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
    --Thomas a Kempis


    • devilchicken
      We'll get to that later
      • Nov 2004
      • 2814

      Typically I stick to the Q&A, Message of the Day, The Enclave, Reasoned Debate and the Book and Movie sections.
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      • lemec
        Eternal Champion
        • Jul 2005
        • 5317

        I am reading the old threads. I also read the new threads, and reply when I have time. Some things I come accross, that I need for information on, I look it up online on various sites like wikipedia and reference or imbd. :)

        If when I read something new and there is nothing I could really add to enhance the thread or share my opinion, I let it go until I think of something to write.

        I enjoy the Enclave and need to catch up on reading stories.

        I still want to check into PX more.

        I, obviously try to always see what Mike is saying in present time.

        I enjoy polls and movie,book talk.

        I like it all of course and need to get in on those new sword & sorcery threads and the like. :D

        "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
        - Michael Moorcock


        • johneffay
          Born Again Nihilist
          • Sep 2005
          • 3394

          I read all the new threads then keep returning to the ones that I have found interesting whenever there are new posts on them.

          Usually I come on site when I get an e-mail alert telling me someone has reponded to a thread I'm following, then I trawl the entire place.

          Sometimes I reply but 'when I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed'.


          • Morgan Kane
            Lost in the multiverse
            • Jun 2006
            • 1428

            Trying to save time, i read new posts in the threads who interest me and i try to post if i think i have something to say ...........


            • voilodian ghagnasdiak
              Warrior On The Edge
              • Jun 2006
              • 2591

              The first thing I do is read new posts because a lot of them are replies to older threads. (such as the one J.E. replied to this am about the royalties from NWF dated 2004).This is fun and no one should have the power to take that away.(except Mike) If someone has a knot in their girdle, or a bunion acting up,take it out somewhere else.I find it a lot more informing to check current posts and work back in retrospect.
              Of course it is a privelege to follow Mike M's posts, but in the same token if we all converged on him at once there would be a total loss in communication. It is working out nice the way it is.
              Excellent Work Berry!
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              • mephisto_kur
                Wanderer of the Mittel March
                • Jun 2006
                • 20

                I read everything new. I will search old threads if I have a question about a specific topic, though.

                I always intend to post, but I don't always have anything to add, so many times I just lurk.
                As the minutes gain momentum like a bird, man.


                • Miqque
                  Champion of the Balance
                  • Apr 2004
                  • 1002

                  Not only Mike, but want to see what the rest of the Irregulars are up to. Tend to stick in Q&A for the most part, but, as y'all note, I do pop up in unexpected places.

                  Currently am pressed for time, big time! Have been working (like any good writer should) from a comfy chair, but hectic! So right now no dabbling idly about, it's straight to it when I get a few minutes.

                  Very busy. Very very busy. Gotta go! Later!

                  ... just another sailor on the seas of Fate, dogpaddling desperately ...


                  • Dead-Air
                    Eternal Champion
                    • Jun 2004
                    • 2737

                    I go to The Condition of Muzak at least once a day, and for that I got this new Moderator t-shirt!

                    I go to the Q&A probably 2 out of 3 days as I find if I go every day, I'm wishing for more new stuff.

                    I make my way through everything else eventually and try to participate as I do. However, I haven't done so since the ressurection yet.
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                    • Madrigal Rose
                      Eternal Companion
                      • Jun 2006
                      • 506

                      I am less than systematic when it comes to keeping up with this site. It's been such a crazy couple of weeks for me that I've had to keep it light. Try to post when it makes sense... but often I don't, I'm sure
                      A lot of catching up to do, especially with the older threads...
                      Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.
                      -Yousuf Karsh


                      • Pietro_Mercurios
                        Only Slightly Unbalanced
                        • Oct 2004
                        • 5896

                        New Posts, check to see if anyone's in the Moorcock Inn, check to see how Mike's doing, check for any SF related stuff, the Doctor Who Thread's one of my favourites. Anything to do with Jerry C., Dancers at the End of Time, Hawkmoon, the 'straight' novels, music and somewhere down the list, the Movie, Elric and other S&S stuff.

                        And, I really enjoy all sorts of stuff about fanzines, the history of SF, comics, magazines, music and related Pop. Cultural stuff, from the 40's to the present. I've learned a fair bit from this Site and not just about Mike's work.

                        That's why this is such a great Site, for me. I can understand why a lot of people just come onto the Site to browse. Lots to read and see. Educational, as well as entertaining.

                        Oh! Yeah! i enjoy the level of debate, too.


                        • David Mosley
                          Eternal Administrator
                          • Jul 2004
                          • 11823

                          I normally start off in the Q&A reveiwing the new posts, usually oldest first, replying where I feel I have something useful, helpful or interesting to say. From there I pull back into the Miscellany overview and look at new posts in the Welcome Centre, Message of the Day, FAQ, and so until I end on the Media forums. By which time there's usually something new in the Q&A so I start all over again.

                          I tend not to look at what's happening in The Elric Movie (it's all speculation atm until the film actually goes into production, so not much interest), nor The Enclave, or Activism. I poke my head into Reasoned Debate if the 'headline' thread sounds interesting, and then maybe look around at other threads therein.

                          Condition of Muzak and Prototype X are only occassionally visited, and Genre Discussions haven't built up a head of steam yet to be a regular stopping point on my moonbeam travels.
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                          • tvissoc
                            Denizen of Moo Uria
                            • Nov 2004
                            • 100

                            Originally posted by mephisto_kur
                            I read everything new. I will search old threads if I have a question about a specific topic, though.

                            I always intend to post, but I don't always have anything to add, so many times I just lurk.
                            Same here. I would normally like to reply in threads, but usually only have a "me too" to add... Like now.... I've been an Elric fan for ages, but I don't have the in depth knowledge, nor the ability to remember facts (facts of fiction?) well during reading...


                            • Governor of Rowe Island
                              Orgone Accumulator
                              • Aug 2004
                              • 5266

                              I seem to follow pretty much the same route as David. I rarely visit the Elric movie forums, feeling pretty much the same, and haven't been there since the resurrection. In fact, I rarely visit anywhere below 'Eldren Technology,' but I've just discovered some of the new additions below that forum and I've had a nose around.
                              Who knows, maybe my browsing habits are changing!
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